Hey Stalker, Go Away. Or Email Me So I Can Reply.

Dude, seriously, leaving anonymous crap comments on my blog isn’t helping anyone.  And using the Contact Us form, without leaving an address I can reply to, isn’t helping either.  If I knew how to get ahold of you I’d tell you this:

Last week a JibberJobber user found a feature within the system that allowed him to send an email to all of his contacts in a way that we never intended.  As a result, thousands and thousands of people got a message from him… and I’m sure some thought it was spam.

You obviously did.  Sorry about that, although we (Jason Alba, or JibberJobber) did not intend to send the message out, nor to spam anyone.  So for that, we’re sorry.  Sorry that you got the email at all.

We are going to disable the feature/function (don’t want to say what it is, lest others find and exploit it), probably permanently.

That’s all I can say – my apologies.

So please stop leaving comments like this:

And this:

And this:

I don’t care to get into any discussion with you, since that is obviously going to be futile, but I do want you to know that we have found the problem and are addressing it.



Now go away.  Bug someone else.

(and if you are the same stalker I had a while back, good job on figuring out how to leave comments from different IP addresses (the first was from Atlanta, the second from NJ… good job!))

5 thoughts on “Hey Stalker, Go Away. Or Email Me So I Can Reply.”

  1. Hey Jason,
    Dead refrigerator and crazed stalkers—what a day! Great answer to him. People do love the anonymity of the web and use in really bad ways. Don’t forget that 99.999999% of us still love you and the difference you’re making in people’s lives.

  2. I guess people like this guy has a lot of time in this world to irritate people – like you Jason. We call this “crab-mentality” in my country. When a certain person is going UP the crabs pull that person down. Just like when you look at a bucket full of crabs, they just pull each other down.

    There are ways on how to change an IP address either manually or automatically.
    Look at this way, you have stalkers now, later paparazzi. You’re becoming a star  next stop JibberJobber Hollywood.

    This spammer/stalker guy of yours is just too insecure.

  3. Hello Jason,

    We can be thankful that we live in a society that allows all points to view, which develops our ability to separate value from miasma.


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