Keith Ferrazzi Changed My Life

One of the reasons I didn’t network early in my job search was because I was afraid of n.e.t.w.o.r.k.i.n.g.

What an ugly word.

What does “hey, let’s go network!” mean to you?  Is it like “hey, let’s go sell used cars!”  Or, “hey, let’s go find the one awesome contact who is going to be surrounded by dozens of duds!” Or, “hey, let’s go schmooze with a bunch of people, collect their business cards, and never contact them again!

I didn’t want to network because I didn’t understand what networking meant.

Not to spoil Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi’s book, but he completely redefined networking as “building intimate relationships.”  That’s right, intimate.

Never Eat Alone completely COMPLETELY changed how I went about my job search.  Subsequently, it had a significant impact on WHAT JibberJobber would become (in JibberJobber you can rank the strength of your relationship with your contacts, as well as each company and job), and HOW I interact with people today, as a business owner.

I’m comfortable saying that Keith Ferrazzi changed my life.  And it’s the #1 networking book I recommend.  (#2 is Thom Singer’s Some Assembly Required – it is a different, excellent book that complements Keith Ferrazzi’s book).

So, number one task for you is to GET and READ Never Eat Alone (my local library has three copies, which are usually checked out).

Number two, if you want to learn from Keith himself, is to register for the $50 Experts Connection teleseminar this Wednesday at 4 – 5pm EST.  Register here. This is the description of the telesememinar:

Building Relationships for Career Success in a Downturn Market:

Class Description: Today’s economic environment makes it easier for people to lose their sense of direction and more people are looking for solutions. The answer remains that all of life’s successes are about people.  No matter your goal in life, networking can help you achieve it. It is about knowing the right people for the right reasons – not just because you shook their hand at a corporate event.  When you base your networking on generosity and friendships, the doors you never knew were there will open. These relationships are driven by intimacy, transparency, generosity and accountability.

In this 60 minute session you will learn to:

  • Identify people who can help you achieve career goals.
  • Build and broadcast unique personal brands to stand out in the crowded marketplace.
  • Ensure the people and resources in your own “back yard” are contributing to your success.
  • Approach and engage mentors for guidance along the many paths of your career, culminating in a dynamic personal board of advisors.
  • Develop a Relationship Action Plan to guide your actions and track progress.

I have not heard Keith Ferrazzi talk – I hope his presentation is as good as his book (regardless, read the book!).  If you attend, let me know what you think!

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20 thoughts on “Keith Ferrazzi Changed My Life”

  1. i have heard Keith Ferrazzi speak a couple of times. one suggestion would be that, if you haven’t read the book first, read the book.

    if you read the book and think “whoa, this guy is crazy. i can’t do any of that.”, you might not want to spend the money on the session. he has a very aggressive style, one that requires a certain amount of shamelessness or at least absence of self-consciousness, when it comes to “getting to know people”. if you’re not comfortable with the book, Ferrazzi speaking is going to be hard because it’s an amplified version of the book, live & in person with no ability to close it and come back later.

    however, if you’re at the point where you’re willing to get uncomfortable to meet new people or get to know people better, then what he says will be motivating and give some concrete techniques/tools to do so.

    $50 is a steal for an hour of his time!

  2. Great advice Abby, thank you. A thought I had when I read the book was “how in the world could someone do all of this networking relationship management without some kind of system??”

    I wish he’d look at JibberJobber but as I’ve tried to network my way into Keith Ferrazzi I found he has about 6 layers of gatekeepers… go figure.

  3. That’s sound like a great opportunity

    Here is a interview with a few topics from his book

    I heard this interview 2 years ago & recalled it was pretty good.
    Keith Ferrazzi sometimes pop-up in the authorteleseminar calls with other author (He has done 2 with Seth Godin). If possible, getting into those call might be a good way to connect.

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