Today is Monumental

Obviously today is a day for the history books.  I didn’t vote for Obama, and I hope that some of the scary stuff I saw from him (with regard to policy) was just pre-election hype that he can’t or won’t implement.

But his message, about change, inspired by hope, is needed at every level.  The United States, and the world, has been crying for change for a long time.  Now is the time for change.  (it has always been the time for personal change, but heck, let’s jump on the bandwagon and declare the time as now anyway)

I hope that we/you/I can be a part of this change.  For me this means:

  • Being more responsible, financially. Sure we can blame all the talking heads and biggies who knew about the bad stuff, financially, and let it continue.  We can blame them as we, as a people, overspend (with money we don’t have) on stuff that is utterly unnecessary.
  • Being more responsible, physically. Health insurance is a tender subject for me.  Obama may just create hundreds of thousands of jobs, especially if he socializes health care… while that smells rotten on the outside, it really would be great if everyone had access to quality health care.  But we can eat better, work out, sleep better, and do things for ourselves which fall under the guise of “prevention.”  Here’s something to do: floss daily. I’m guessing this would eliminate a majority of cavities, which means we pay less for that aspect of our health care.
  • Being more responsible, socially. Last night I was in my closet and noticed a really big, warm, snuggly winter coat.  I don’t like the style, so I probably won’t wear it.  It’s sitting in my closet on the floor.  I’m sure there is someone out there, even in my own city, who is praying for and dreaming of a coat that could just keep him warm, regardless of the style.  We must be more kind and compassionate.  I’m not sure what that means to you, or how you will act on that, but I’m really thinking about what this means to me.
  • Being more responsible, career-wise. Of course I’d talk about this 🙂  There are too many “heads-down” workers out there who just don’t get it.  Just about anyone reading this blog gets it, I realize that, and the rest will get it when they experience a tough job search.  We must, must, must be more serious about personal career management, income security, and all of the other stuff I write about regularly.
  • Being more responsible, _________. I think the less we do intentionally, on-purpose, the more we are saying to someone “come, take it away.”  Whether we are talking about our freedom, our joys, our health, our career, etc.  We must stop looking at the government, or our boss, or whoever, and thinking they will coddle us through life.

The CHANGE required is not in the Oval Office, it’s not in the presidency, it’s in ourselves.

I pray that we can affect the change needed.  I know I’ll reflect on the historic events of today for a long time.

7 thoughts on “Today is Monumental”

  1. Couldn’t have written it better myself, Jason. Yes, we need leadership for change, but we should never look to a person or system or ideology as the solution. It starts with me and the choices I make today, this hour, this moment … but, hey, I’m ‘preaching to the choir’ for anyone who reads your blog, right? Blessings!

  2. Jason, thanks for such an insightful post. It’s true that change must come from within each of us, but it’s also true that a real leader can inspire us to want to change and give us opportunities to live that change. I think Barack Obama has done the first and, to some extent, the second (e.g., day of volunteerism yesterday). He has brought a sorely needed spirit of pride, hope, and optimism to the country. He has a lot of hopes and dreams to live up to, but if anyone can I think he can. Happy inauguration day to the nation!

  3. Jason, Jason, Susan, and Louise, great posts. Today is a milestone in a profound cultural shift in our country, a transformation in our national mindset on leadership, responsibility and service. Adriana Huffington wrote “Barack Obama is not the only one being inaugurated on January 20th. We all are . . . but also the expectation that a knight in shining armor will ride into town and save us while we cheer from the sidelines. Even if the knight is brilliant, charismatic, and inspiring. It’s up to us — We the People.”

  4. Your post resonated, Jason. As have the responses. I am (positively) affected by Obama’s charisma and ideology. I’ve always been one driven by ‘hope’ when the chips are down, and I realize the impact of inspiring leaders … and friends … and colleagues, in my remaining hopeful. I, too, am concerned about some of his policy. I am a bit cautious (and even concerned a little) about the level of enthusiasm wrought through this election and the potential future impact of government in our lives (aka, the potential socializing of health care, for example; and the government ‘creating’ new jobs — at what cost to us tax-wise? I’m not an economist, so all of this gets too complex for my brain!). If, indeed, we as individuals become more responsible individually and collectively, then I think (hope) we’re on to something big.

    In summary, I do have hope, with a dose of caution.

  5. Probably your best post yet. We are in the crisis we are in because of our lack of responsibility at all levels. Hopefully we can each change to improve the lives of ourselves and our families. Those of us who own businesses can change and be more responsible for ourselves and those who work for us, and our government can change so we do not leave our children a debt that will be impossible to pay off.

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