Remember Me on JibberJobber

I got an email last week from one of my super users who expressed concern about having to login a number of times throughout the day.  Why can’t he just login once and not have to login again?

I asked him if he was using the “Remember Me” checkbox when he logged in… he wasn’t because he assumed it was for something else:

So here’s the deal.  If you click on the Remember Me checkbox you don’t have to login a bunch of times throughout the day.  It’s as simple as that.

Just remember, if you are using a shared computer, like at a library or school or something like that, if you click on Remember Me, and close the browser, and someone else opens it, they might be able to see your stuff.  So only click on Remember Me if you are on your own computer.

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  1. Some sites have an option to clear the “remember” either via a log off that “forgets” the user or an option in the account settings somewhere that “flushes” the cookies responsible for remembering the user

    Do you think this would be easy to add to JJ?

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