LinkedIn! LinkedIn! LinkedIn!

If you are a professional, being on LinkedIn is NOT an option.  Facebook is optional. Twitter is optional. A blog is optional.  Yahoo! Groups are optional.

LinkedIn is not optional.

With that in mind, there are three things you need to know about:

The second edition of my LinkedIn book is shipping, even from Amazon.

It’s been a long time coming!  I wrote a post on my LinkedIn blog yesterday with all kinds of juicy information, INCLUDING information about how to get a FREE LinkedIn eBook!  How, you ask?  If you purchased the book from Happy About you will (or already have) receive a link to download the second edition, for free!  If you purchased the book through Amazon please go to the blog post from yesterday and follow the instructions, and we’ll get back to you with what to do to get the second edition LinkedIn eBook for free (it’s simple).  The cost is free for the eBook if you purchased the first edition, OR 11.95 for the second edition LinkedIn ebook, or 19.95+S&H for the LinkedIn paperback (or whatever Amazon charges).

Tomorrow you have the chance to learn from THE most connected person on LinkedIn.

Ron Bates is the man!  He has the largest first degree network on LinkedIn, and anyone who has a ton of connections and wants to grow their network knows who Ron is (the guy to beat :p).  Ron is offering a free webinar tomorrow, 12/10 – here’s the link to register, and here are some details (there is no cost):

If you are not able to attend the complimentary events coming up make sure to register anyway!!  Even if you’re traveling, in a meeting, or unplanned events cause you to miss the webinar, as a – no-show – you’ll receive a follow-up email with a link to access a recording at your convenience.

Do people really know how good you are??
December 10, 2008 (1pm EST) – How to Communicate Your Executive Value Proposition
Presented by Ron Bates – LinkedIn’s most connected member with over +44,000 direct contacts

Next week, Dec 17th, I will do a webinar for Experts Connection called LinkedIn & Facebook Essentials for Executives: Using Both Platforms as Professional Networking Tools.

I did a LinkedIn for Executives a month or two ago and it went really well – next week we are doing another one, and I’m really excited about this one.  Sponsored by Netshare and Career-Resumes (who does LinkedIn makeovers for $200), this is one of the most exciting presentations I’m doing this year – Netshare always puts on awesome events).  The cost for the 90 minute webinar is $50 (click here to learn more).

You better be on LinkedIn.

And you better have a LinkedIn strategy.

Do you?

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9 thoughts on “LinkedIn! LinkedIn! LinkedIn!”

  1. I totally agree that Linkedin is NOT an option. I was at a party this weekend talking with a professional about Linkedin. She is an amazing networker with fabulous connections but isn’t on LinkedIn. I ran out to my car, and came back with “I’m On Linkedin – Now What?” and loaned it to her. Of course she couldn’t believe I was driving around with that in my car. But, I just got my copy of the 2nd edition, so I had the 1st edition in my car to loan to a friend.

    Doing my part to spread the good word Jason!

    P.S. Aren’t you glad they decided to call it LinkedIn and not HookedUp? 😉

  2. Hello Jason,

    I’ve had a LinkedIn page for about 18 months now and I just started tweaking it today. Been reading everywhere that it’s the place to be, so I filled in my profile. Now I need to know how to “reach out and touch” people. I’ll likely be ordering this book very soon. 🙂

  3. (Electronic Recruiters Exchange – a forum for recruiters) ran a Webinar a couple of weeks ago on using technology in 2009, and they took a poll of the participants. Over 66% use or plan to use LinkedIn for recruiting in 2009. Most recruiters (who are tech savvy) that I speak with use LinkedIn, and I’ve intervewed several job seekers who connected with their new jobs via LinkedIn.

    So, as usual Jason, you are 100% correct!


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