I Used JibberJobber In A Cool Way!

I’m pretty excited about this… we’ve had this premium feature in JibberJobber for a while, and I have known it’s useful, but this morning I used it in a way so cool (and simple) I had to share 🙂

I was writing an introduction from a software specialist to three guys I know at a super-cool IT recruiting shop in the Salt Lake area.  My first thought was to search all their names, and then get their email addresses so I could include all three guys in the introduction.

Then I thought “I’ll just search the company name from the List Panel” and then I could drill down on their accounts to get their email addys (I don’t show the email addy on my List Panel view – you can but I choose to see it from the Manage Columns link). So I put this into the search box for my network contacts:

The search results show up (just five records) and I simply click on the multi-action icon () to get all the email addresses in a format I can just copy and paste… I selected the three contacts and then click on the last icon (red arrow)… like this:

Then I get their email addyresses in the box below… notice #1 shows that I can just click to create a new email message with their addresses already in it, AND we are giving you the box so you can simply copy and paste into an existing message (#2):

Back on the List Panel, I clicked on the add log entry icon () and added a log entry to all three records, noting the introduction email I sent out.  I like to log things like that so I can remember my activity with my contacts… how cool is that??

Like I said, it’s been in the system for a while, but it was SO cool to use it this way… if you need email addy’s of a group of people, and you can somehow define the group (by company, or by name (a family name), or by tags, categories or keywords, then you can use this feature… COOL 🙂  (again, it’s a premium feature… so if you don’t see it, upgrade).

Yeah, it’s the simple things in life (and JibberJobber) that please me :p

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  1. Yep, I’ve been using that. It’s extremely useful when you have a note that applies to several people you just wrote to, e.g., “Sent a Holiday card and invitation to our open-house party.”

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