What To Do With Your JibberJobber Account When You Land Your Job?

I love testimonials… I really got a kick out of this one, from a senior level marketing executive:

You told me two years ago how beneficial it will be to have all your job searching info archived some place where you can find it, dust it off and use it again at a later date.

Well, here I am, at a later date and when I returned to JibberJobber it was like returning home to a familiar and friendly “happy place”.

Don’t let this imply that being without a job two years ago was anything like a happy place but now that I’m at the doorstep of going through that process again, the info, processes, support, etc. resident on Jibberjobber made it feel like a friendly and welcome “happy place”.

I want to share with all your readers that it’s true…JibberJobber is a great place to safely keep your career growth info.  It’s like keeping a map or atlas in your jockey box (aka, glove compartment).  You only need it when you’re lost but it’s sure nice to have it when you need it…

This is from an executive who knew me during my job search.  I emphasized that we would supposedly be in transition every three to five years, according to Uncle Sam.  I am a firm believer in using JibberJobber even when you are employed, since you still should be networking, but the point above is this:

Even if you don’t use it during the time you are employed, how powerful is it to be able to:

(a) come back, years later, and tap into all the intelligence you collected in your last job search(es).  Phone numbers, names, email addresses, companies, etc.  Instead of starting your job search from Square 1, you are able to start from where you last left off, and

(b) have a set of tools already to go.  You don’t need to waste a week (or more) designing your job search spreadsheet, or trying to figure out what your old spreadsheet had in it (or looking for it)… you simply login to JibberJobber and it’s there, faithfully waiting for your return.

Thank you Mr. Executive (who requested to be anonymous), and best of luck in your new job search!

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1 thought on “What To Do With Your JibberJobber Account When You Land Your Job?”

  1. I use JibberJobber every day, even though I stopped searching four months ago. It’s been very useful for me as I relocated and stepped into a new job: every time I’m introduced to a new contact, client or regulator, I add their name and contact info to my list on JJ. The ability to add pictures and notes has helped me memorize all these new people. I periodically sync my lists on JJ, LinkedIn and Outlook. I keep track of contact action items with JJ; I store some documents for easy access, like my resume for proposals; and I try to remember to log my “atta girl” moments in the Job Journal. Overall, probably 90% of the use I get out of JJ right now is the contacts and relationship management.

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