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It’s been TOO long since I’ve posted about updates to JibberJobber… we have had a number of releases since the last “what’s new” post, but they seemed to be kind of minor… but now that I’m going over this list I think it’s pretty cool stuff!

You can now associate Documents to Contacts and Companies. Previously you could just associate documents to job postings… doesn’t this make much more sense?

Degrees of Separation. When you add a new contact you can say who the person is “referred by.”  Aside from constructing the Tree View (where you can see your network graphically), you can now see the Degree of Separation on the contact’s detail page.

You can upload your own image on My Account. Down the road we have some very cool stuff coming out where YOU can share more stuff with other JibberJobber users… and to let them know more about you are are slowly making your account more into a profile.

Regular users have over a meg available for Documents… whatever we had before just wasn’t enough, even for the free folks.

We redesigned the main JibberJobber.com page. Enough about us, and how great we are, and more “let’s get down to business.”  Hope you don’t miss all the stuff we used to have there.

Users can  delete their own accounts. Letting your account sit idle for years is, in my opinion, much better than deleting your account… especially if you have entered any data.  Don’t ask me why, but it happens, and now it’s self-serve 🙂

On the List Panel, if you see the country column, you’ll see a flag of the country instead of the country name.  Simply cool.

“Regular expressions” in the search box. I thought I blogged about this before but check this out: you can do a search like this in the List Panel search box: “company:trugreen” … I’ll have another post about how this works, and what the keywords are.  Pretty powerful.

New multi-action on the Network List Panel. If you want to get the email addresses, formated to copy-and-paste into an email message, you can do that from the List Panel.

In the main search, if there is just one record, we automatically take you to that record saving you a click. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it sure is cool to have it automatically go to the only record that matches.

Email reminders of birthdays coming up include the email address of the birthday boy (or girl). You used to get a message that said “Jason’s birthday is coming up!” … now it says Jason’s birthday is coming up (mm/dd/yyyy)…” so you don’t even have to login to JibberJobber to get necessary information to send an email to them.

Various minor bug fixes… we’d list them here but it doesn’t matter, just know we are constantly working on fixing this tool up for you!

We’re always interested in feedback – while we have a dev list a mile long, we want to know what you think, and what you want!

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  1. ““Regular expressions” in the search box.”

    OK, I’m going to amend my previous comment on this: it’s not neat, it’s awesome on the hoof. I’ve been using this a lot and I just had to rave about how useful it is!

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