Making An Extra Thousand Bucks

Recently the JibberJobber One Thing focused on developing multiple streams of income (which was a significant factor in me going out on my own, and moving forward with JibberJobber).  Here’s what it was:

Can You Make $1,000 Extra This Year?

Today! Tell me how you could make an additional $1,000 this year, OUTSIDE of your current job/employer.

I’m a fan of “multiple streams of income,” and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make an additional $1,000 a year.  And then doing that 100 times – would that be 100 different things, each generating $1,000?  I’m not sure, but it’s been on my mind.

I’ve thought of a few things I can do, and have some of them in-progress.  Think about what YOU could do to make an additional $1,000, and then tell me about it at

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I hope this doesn’t make me sound too materialistic, and money-hungry.  For me this is diversification of my income, which should reduce income risk the same way a mutual fund should reduce investment risk.

I threw this out as a “One Thing” because I have been thinking a lot lately… what could I do to make an additional $1,000 next year?  Could I think of 10 things that would each make an additional $10,000?  Could I think of … 100 things?  Fun to think about, and yes, I came up with a number of ideas.  Read the comments in the post, TR has a bunch of suggestions, and Alan Ferraro suggests something that I think could make you a lot more than $1,000.  It’s all doable.

Here’s an idea that I thought was perfect:  Benton Crane’s dad wrote a book and self-published it 10 years ago.  Benton came across the inventory and thought it would be cool to move them for his dad, so he made a website.  Go check it out, it’s a very simple website, something that you (and perhaps your high school neighbor) could put together.  And he’s moving his dad’s inventory for him.

This isn’t a huge business, it’s simply a way to create a revenue stream.  It isn’t going to require Benton to work hours, and shift his energy and focus elsewhere… it’s just something to diversify his current income.  He probably won’t get rich from this, but it’s a terrific example of doing a small thing that could make a difference financially.

The book is Manny’s Christmas. I have a copy but haven’t cracked it yet… it’s a short story, which apparently is the type of Christmas book that sells well… if you are in the holiday mood, go check out Manny’s Christmas, it’s only $9.95 (which includes S&H).

What can YOU do, outside of your employer, to make an additional $1,000 next year?

4 thoughts on “Making An Extra Thousand Bucks”

  1. Many companies have referral and affiliate programs. If you feel confident in sending them business, you can make money in a variety of ways.

    One very effective program is through XO Communications. By simply going to a weblink and typing in a bit of contact info you can make half that company’s first month phone bill when they become a customer. Up to $5000 per customer referral. For more information contact Shawn Adamson! And tell her I sent you!

    Who else does it? AdPro Marketing in Ogden? DirectPointe in Lindon? Trak1 in South Jordan? Ask them! It’s always “No” until you ask.

  2. If you own (or have reliable access to) a digital video camera, you can get paid to shoot footage for companies like Elastic Lab (, and possibly shoot and sell stock footage via iStockPhoto, Artbeats, and/or your own personal website.

    Disclaimer: I work for Elastic Lab, and they’re awesome – fun to work with, and they pay fairly/promptly. I’m happy to give more details if anyone’s interested: marina (at) marinamartin (dot) com.

    I’ve also personally made a few hundred bucks on — it takes just a few minutes to write a how-to article, and you keep earning money on that article even a year later.

  3. I love this…real suggestions.

    My suggestion is to take a look around your life and see if you have some skills you might sell instead of just give away. No need to go overboard, you can still be very generous with your time, but think about $1000 per year is less than $85 bucks per month.

    A band parent I know, who spends a lot of volunteer time with the kids anyway, started selling candy grams for the kids in competition as well as bead bracelets at events. She does way more than $85 bucks per month during band season.

    My retired aunt helps her son, who runs a very successful auto shop, file papers for him once per week. She did such a good job, that her son’s accountant recommended her to two of his other small business clients.

    You just never know what can happen if you give it a try.

    Great inspiration as usual Jason.


  4. agree with the above any form of affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn extra income, however if you don’t have the time or resources to get started, freelance writing is a quick and simple way to make a little extra coin.

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