Good Corporate Politics and Bad Corporate Politics

It’s not every day we can learn from a guy who walked through Intel, and other companies, at the senior levels.  Think there are politics in these big companies?  Of course…. at every level.  

Mark Beckford shares some awesome thoughts on politics, including:

  • his definitions of good politics and bad politics, 
  • five characteristics of the negative polititians (those who practice bad corporate politics)
  • five ways to deal with these negative polititicans

This is a terrific post – leave your comments on Mark’s blog and share your experiences, or how you dealt with the loser bosses (peers, colleagues, etc.).  I should mention, his post has one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen on a blog post.

2 thoughts on “Good Corporate Politics and Bad Corporate Politics”

  1. I hopped over and read the post and that was worth my time, I like how it acknowledges how the business atmosphere isn’t always ethical but gives great tips on how to remain ethical without getting run over. It is a very positive article, thanks

  2. Mark offers some solid advice as someone who has experience working in the corporate world. I liked it! Thanks for sharing Jason!

    As always, YOU rock the blogsphere with your knowledge.


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