Trips to San Diego and Seattle

Tomorrow morning I arrive in San Diego at 10am. If you are in the area, check come join us for dinner:

Location: Charlie’s Sports Restaurant & Bar
          Town & Country Resort & Convention Center
          500 Hotel Circle North
          San Diego, CA 92108

TIME:     7:45pm
DATE:     Tuesday, September 23rd
RSVP:     through this form 

Orders will be separate checks. 

In San Diego I’ll be attending the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) annual conference from Wed evening through Saturday.  I really like NRWA – it’s an eye-opener for me to be in a room with professional resume writers who are all trying to improve their profession.  At one time I thought writing my own resume would be the way to go, but as I have learned more about resume writers, and their passion, and how current they are on the job search and resume space, I became convinced I should hire a resume writer instead of writing my own resume.

Next month I’ll be in Seattle for the Career Directors International conference.  This is another amazing conference, where I learn a ton about the career services industry.  Emphasis is not on resume writing, rather, on all aspects of career coaching, including counseling, job search coaching, resume writing, personal branding, etc.  I plan on flying in early (perhaps Sunday night (October 12)), and hope to do as many presentations before the call as I can, including some kind of LinkedIn and/or JibberJobber dinner.  If you are in Seattle, please let me know so I can let you know where I’ll be, see if you can do dinner, and pick your brain about places I might be able to present.

Both groups are really, really fun.  I’ve only been to San Diego once when I was little, and I’ve never been to Seattle… I’m jazzed!

7 thoughts on “Trips to San Diego and Seattle”

  1. Lori – cool! Will be great to see you!

    I’m also open to breakfast on Wed morning, or a late lunch (around 2:30 – I’m doing a webinar for Netshare at 1)…. open to anyone 🙂

  2. Jason,

    Are there professional resume writers who specialize in resumes for NONPROFIT positions? The tone is different for those resumes than in the corporate & tech world that you usually inhabit. Thanks.

  3. Jason,

    Perhaps the timing is perfect. We have chatted before about value of a professionally written resume.

    So, let’s say I have decided to have someone perform the slash and burn on my resume… and we set out to rebuild it from the ground up….

    How do I pick a professional writer that will deliver a product admired by potential hiring managers and not just a product that matches the personal preferences or style of the writer….?

    BTW…who sets the ‘fashion’ rules for resume writing…? Is this conference the annual template update…?

  4. Hi Jason, been meaning to say how great it was to meet and have lunch with you while you were here in Seattle in Sept! I just shared your recent post 10 Resources for Job Seekers RIGHT NOW on my Facebook page and had to say thanks for sharing that. Still pondering the PIF Party book and will keep you posted. Take care, Sandy

  5. Hi Jason I hope you enjoyed your trip to SD. I frequent Charley’s many times and It is one of the better places to go to for dinner. I was also in attendance at the NRWA and it was such an educational experience. I know that if I need to do my resume in the future, I will be hiring a professional resume writer just because they have such an advantage over doing it yourself.

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