The LinkedIn Book – Second Edition In The Works

This week is “re-write the book” week for me.  Last year, I remember sitting for about eight hours reviewing the final version of my book before it went to the print shop.  I was nervous, since I wouldn’t be able to fix anything after it goes to print like I could a blog post… but I remember closing the book and thinking “This is good – I’m proud of this!”

Then I saw a few reviews on Amazon that were almost scathing.  Professional writers wrote about the book saying it was… well, essentially crap.

I was confused because I got a lot of feedback from others, saying the book was excellent, and it was exactly what they needed.  Of course, I wanted to believe this feedback, since people were talking about “my baby,” but I had this nagging idea in the back of my mind that I really did a disservice to everyone since I didn’t get great reviews from everyone.

Guess what?  I have to agree with the professional writers.  I cracked the book open with a pen, and started marking up the necessary changes.  I think I averaged 7 – 10 changes PER PAGE… I can’t believe the first edition went out like this!

Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but the second edition is going to be much, much better.  Here’s my process: 

  1. Fix typos and grammar.  Tighten up the writing so it reads easier.  Done (I think)
  2. Reword sections that don’t make sense.  I read and reread, and if I thought HUH???? I wrote “rewrite.”  That’s what I’m doing today – finishing up the rewrites.  
  3. Update the content.  In the last year there have been plenty of changes to LinkedIn… that’s the whole reason I’m doing a second edition 🙂  

I put a question on LinkedIn Answers asking what I missed in the first edition, and what should be in the second edition.  I got some excellent responses… which I’ll be sifting through the rest of this week and putting into the content of the book.  If you want a sneak peak of what might end up in the second edition of THE LinkedIn book, and what others think is important, go check out the LinkedIn Answers page with my question (and the answers, so far).

By the way, did you know I have a blog behind the book … ?  It’s the I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? blog!  Check it out!

If YOU have any suggestions for the second edition of I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? feel free to email me or leave a comment here … I know the second edition is going to be way better than the first edition!

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7 thoughts on “The LinkedIn Book – Second Edition In The Works”

  1. Jason-

    I think for your first effort you book was great. Beware of those who just like to rip people down, as the world is full of people who can find fault in everything.

    Improvement is the key. I did the same thing with my book and released a “2nd Edition” that corrected issues. However, if I had been worried about the naysayers, I never would have gotten the first book released.

    The best entrepreneurs I know follow the “ready, fire, aim” theory. They naysayers are those who over think things too much and rarely get things done.

    You my friend, are the type who just makes things happen. Folks who have that gift will often have some errors in their work…. but best to be a producer than a critic.


  2. Jason I just read your blog post and feel compelled to respond.

    I have not read your negative reviews but remember what you know about personal branding – that you are not for everyone and some people will will not resonate with your words/tone. A few thoughts:

    1. You have written a book and it’s easy to challenge what someone else has written but not so easy to write the book
    2. With a year since you wrote it you can review it with fresh eyes and catch the things that you mention in your post
    3. You have certainly established yourself as an authority about LinkedIn with great speaking gigs and articles which would not have happened if people did not think your content was effective
    4. Reading the comments on LinkedIn Answers – you’ve a lot of supporters – we appreciate your expertise.

    So it’s great that you have a second edition in the works, but celebrate that you are now an author of 2 books your network finds of value.

  3. Jason,

    We are always our own best critics. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t listen to the “dream killers”. As far as I’m concerned, the current version of “I’m on LinedIn. Now What?” saved many lives. People in the job hunt are now able to make better quality connections, instead of wandering or stumbling around blindly. This translates into people getting up and running quicker in landing new job opportunities.

    What you delivered in the 1st edition took courage. It was a rough job for creating a easier road map to manuever around LinkedIn, but someone had to do it. An that person is you.

    Those that hate, it’s only because they’re upset that they did not have the courage to do it first. There is a word for the people that wrote the negative reviews . . . NEXT.

  4. Thom, Krishna and Carl… what to say… thank you so much for your thoughts and encouragement. I must have had a rough day yesterday… rough + the drudgery of editing!

    I do recognize the first book as some major personal triumph… that’s for sure. I am very happy to have done it, and you know what? I’m really, really excited about the second edition!

    I especially appreciate your wisdom on how to handle the naysayers… I totally subscribe to “ready, fire, aim,” and love “The Word” from Carl: NEXT!


  5. Jason,

    I agree with Thom, Krishna, and Carl–you can’t possibly please everyone. The masses, though (including me!) love your first edition and are anxiously awaiting the second edition. I learned so much from the first book and btw, it is recommended on my website. It gives so much information about how to leverage all the functions of LinkedIn and how to personalize it. It would have taken me days to figure it out on my own, but I read your book as a step-by-step instruction guide.

    Keep up the great work! Let me know when the second edition hits the stores–I’ll be one of the first to purchase it!

    Take care!

  6. Jason, bottom line is that you created the easiest, yet most thorough book on LinkedIn, with no fluff, and did it when it was most needed — as LinkedIn’s stature was rising and more people were hearing abut it.

    Had you waited to make the book perfect there would be thousands of people still dazed and confused by how to get on to (and leverage) LinkedIn. And there would be many career professional still in the dark as to how to use it to help their clients succeed.

    I give a copy to everyone of my clients and not one has complained. On the contrary; they love it, and use it. And I recommend it on my website and Facebook page, too, without reservation. So thanks for being brave enough to get out there and make it happen.

    You can bet I’ll be snapping up the second edition, but I’ll always cherish my signed first edition 🙂

    Your friend and fan,
    Deb Dib

  7. Jason, I just finished your book and it was great. I’ll be recommending to all my friends, especially those that are not yet linkedin.

    One suggestion for your next edition: What to do if you don’t like the automatically populated Google ads? Google ads on my profile advertise competitors!

    Keep up the great work!

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