Take Expert Advice And Do The Complete Opposite

I should have posted this Wednesday but the fashion posts (dress for failure for men, dress for failure for women, did I cross the line?) were just too fun.  I should have posted this yesterday but I got too tied up in a presentation, getting my PC back, catching up on email, and a few writing projects, so I took the blog-day off.

I hope you read this soon (a fun auction is about to close).  I got an e-mail from Elizabeth Marshall, who works on book projects with authors, including Michael Port.  In fact, she just coauthored a book called The Contrarian Effect: Why it Pays (BIG) to Take the Typical Sales Advice and Do the Opposite.  This book is just just $13.57 (right now) at Amazon.

Why post a book on sales on my blog?  Two reason… first, many of my readers have to do sales professionally, in their job. Whether they are in sales, own their own business, etc., this is good personal development to help do your job better.  Second, from a CEO of Me, Inc. perspective, we all need to brush up on sales, strategy, and marketing stuff.  

Here are two more things you’ll want to know about:

  1. The Auction: You can go bid on things they’ve collected (including 1 year of JibberJobber premium and the second edition of my LinkedIn book)… I’m sure you’ll find some EXCELLENT values there (see below for the list of things to bid on).
  2. The Teleseminar: I don’t know the dates, but I think they are this month.  Sign up to hear Michael Port, Elizabeth Marshall, and a few hot-shot interviewers (I think I’m one of them) talk about this book, and why it makes sense to take what experts say and do the opposite.

Many Auction items are valued at hundreds of dollars, and come from people such as:

Michael Port – the Book Yourself Solid guy

John Jantsch – the Duct Tape Marketing guy

Jill Konrath – Selling to Big Companies (and mom of You Get It winner Katie Konrath)

Pam Slim – the Escape from Cubicle Nation lady

Debbie Weil – the company blog guru

Rich Sloan – the Startup Nation guy

David Meerman Scott – the New Rules of PR guy

… and a bunch of people who I don’t know or haven’t heard of.

Finally, here’s an EXCELLENT review of this book, as well as what it has to do with Seinfield and George Costanza, by personal branding guy Dan Schawbel.

So go check it out… the book on Amazon and/or the auction and/or the teleseminar!



This post is sponsored by Kathy Warwick of Confident Careers.  Kathy is a Certified Resume Writer, Personal Brand Strategist, and Career Management Consultant … helping senior-level executives take that next step in their career.  Kathy Warwick is a JibberJobber Expert Career Partner.



2 thoughts on “Take Expert Advice And Do The Complete Opposite”

  1. Thanks for the great book recommendation. If there is one thing that will keep what you do fresh and alive in the business world it would be reading. It seems that not only do you gain new ideas for your business from the author but it keeps your mind open to formulating new ideas or your own. You are more open to making new plans so that your business doesn’t get caught it old fatal habits.

  2. Because of Elizabeth Marshall and her Author Teleseminars, I found out about Jibber Jobber. I am now a very grateful and loyal reader, who refers this site to anyone who is looking for or might be looking for work! So here on this site, I find a referral for Elizabeth’s new book. Seems only fitting. Grabbed a copy yesterday, and I look forward to reading it.

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