ETP Network is Empowering Today’s Professionals

Last year a guy signed on to JibberJobber and started sending me thoughtful enhancement requests.  He has a strong background in software development, design and QA, and we struck up a cool relationship.  He mentioned he wanted to introduce me to Rod Colon, founder of the ETP Network, and possibly have me speak on one of their weekly teleconferences.

That happened in January of this year, where we had a fun, lively conversation.  I shared 8 things to do in ’08 with LinkedIn (I know, clever :p), and was very well received.  This ETP audience was sharp, proactive, and eager to be CEO’s of Me, Inc.  It was a great experience.

A few months later I had the opportunity to go to New Jersey to speak and reached out to my buddies at ETP to see if we could get together.  Not only did we get together, we got together in style!  This was my first experience at a restaurant where they printed custom menus just for our dinner. Huge thanks to the ETP team for making my visit to New Jersey feel like something reserved for royalty 🙂

I came to understand that ETP was not just a New Jersey thing.  I thought it was, but found new subscribers to JibberJobber who were states away from New Jersey… I asked Rod what ETP’s geographic boundaries were and they said there were none… I immediately thought that some of you would love to get value from what ETP offers.

You can get a lot of info from the ETP Network website, but here are 5 things I want to bring out:

  1. Access to weekly teleconferences. These start at 9:30pm EST and go for about two hours.  I wouldn’t think they actually work, if you told me about them, but having experienced them, and hearing about them from participants, I’m very impressed.  These are terrific “shot-in-the-arm” calls filled with concepts, strategy, tactics and techniques, and very helpful for those in a current job search.
  2. Involvement in the ETP Yahoo Group. I’ve been receiving a digest of the e-mails and their is rich information shared there – from current resources to ideas on finances to ETP news and events announcements.
  3. Getting-started guides and articles. From their benefits list, they state “The basics of finding a new job always needs to be reinforced and reexamined. Forgetting the basics means wasted time, money, and opportunities. Stick with the basics and get results!”   This accompanies the ABC’s of Job Search document… and there are more where that came from!
  4. Being “in” with proactive networkers who understand Me, Inc. I’ve found ETP members to be serious about being CEO of Me, Inc. AND very giving networkers.  Rod Colon calls it a warm network, where there is a certain trust level just because of the fact that you are an ETP member.  This is not taken lightly, and benefits many people.
  5. Information and training you need to understand real career management. I had to read plenty of books, blog posts, and articles, and go to various conferences and even get formal training… that was my 2+ year path to understand personal career management.  The ETP Network is big on helping you learn this stuff fast.  It’s inculcation at its best.

The annual cost, if I understand correctly, is $25.  This is not a big money-making thing – the guys that run this have a fire in the belly that is contagious and powerful.  If you are feeling stuck, I recommend you head over to ETP and see for yourself what they have to offer.

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  1. Your observations and comments are right on the money. As a relatively new member of ETP, I can say that it is a constant boost to energy and a reminder of focus for ME, Inc.

    It is amazing how often you will find Rod at other events around the area. In addition, when you do not see him at an event, you will probably see an ETP member who is proclaiming the value of the organization.

    Rod is dynamic, focused, and direct in living what ETP preaches. His commitment to helping others is a living testament that networking is about offering what you have to others. When you keep this in mind, others seek to help you in return.

    My thanks go out to Rod and to ETP and its members.

  2. Thank you Jason for your feedback on Empowering Today’s Professionals (ETP) Network. Your high impact contributions, as an ETP member, are still reaching other ETP members around the world. Everyone enjoys listening to your ETP conference call recordings about Jibber Jobber and LinkedIn.

    A couple of quick updates is ETP yearly membership has increased to less than 17 cents a day. The quickest free way to connect with the ETP Network is to download our free Career Management Swiss Army Knife”> toolbar. It has a Smart Radar feature that automatically brings customized job opportunities right to you.

    Carl E. Reid, CSI
    Chief Operating Officer
    ETP Network

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