I’m on JibberJobber — Now What???

No, I’m not making progress on that book yet!  But I am hosting a webinar tomorrow with a professional in the non-profit space to get up and running on JibberJobber.

I asked Barry Groh, who I blogged about a few days ago, if he was using JibberJobber, and he replied that he hadn’t taken the time to get up and running yet.  I know it can be overwhelming, and I figured he’d appreciate a personalized webinar – so I offered him a one-on-one, with an open invitation to anyone else to listen and watch.  We are doing that tomorrow (Tuesday, July 29) at 11am MST.  You can register at the webinar page.

Note that one of the quirky features of GoToWebinar is the date when you register for any of these webinars… it says Dec 31 of 2009… disregard that and jump on any scheduled webinar on that page.

What are the rest of those webinars? About twice a month I do a webinar for JibberJobber users and usually talk about getting up and running, but the webinar can go off on any tangent based on participation.  If someone has specific questions, or issues, we talk about that.  Usually it’s entry-level stuff, and I think it’s always eye-opening… if you haven’t jumped on one yet I invite you to join any JibberJobber webinar.

Hope you can make it tomorrow!