I Have Almost 1,000 Friend In My Social Network (So What??)

check out this video from IBM on social networking:

How many contacts are in your network(s), and what does that really mean?

Networking into your next job, and nurturing relationships, is usually deeper than acccumulating contacts in any network, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

8 thoughts on “I Have Almost 1,000 Friend In My Social Network (So What??)”

  1. Alright. I think the point of the video is meant well – make and nurture relationships versus just adding to your follower/friend count. But I do see some usefulness in building a large network.

    How about you connect to a number of other hubs who can help you find the folks you need? I think that’s where the magic of connections can come into play. I could probably think about this some more and write something more deep and profound. We’ll see.

    I think of my professional network like a doctor’s office. You have the lobby, the treatment room, and the checkout area. In my “lobby” I have people who will potentially interact with me today. In the “treatment room” are the people I’m interacting with right now, folks who have my mindshare (like you, Jason!). Folks in the checkout area are those with whom I’ve just interacted.

    Does this make any sense?

  2. I find that “social networks” have their place and niche.

    For instance:

    Myspace=Friends from High School and some from College
    Facebook=Friends from Colleges or people you met during college
    LinkedIn=Professional Network

    Out of all of these, I take LinkedIn as the most important.

    All of these networks have helped me find potential clients who are looking for a web designer/developer. All of them also are great in spreading the message about services, products, etc.

  3. @Demetrius

    I have my networks set up that way as well. I keep everyone segregated because there are some friends on Myspace who have pictures on their site that I would not want popping up on my Facebook Profile if someone were to search me. I was totally against social networking sites because of all the negative comments associated with them.

    It was not until I moved to Puerto Rico, read about Linkedin on Alison Doyle’s About.Com Job Search page, that I realized that you need to maintain professional contacts with people who can lead you to others, who may ultimately help or promote your brand.

    I actually started a Facebook group for all the students I used to work with at a non-profit in CT. Since most are Seniors in High School, college, or are graduates, I post scholarship, internship, and job articles for them. I have reconnected with the students on line and continue to nurture relationship that blossomed when they were kids.

  4. Nuturing has worked well for me; got my last job nuturing connections through social networking.

    It’s also given me the ability to talk with a lot more people than I had time to do before.

    The harder lesson is learning to turn it off and live life.

    *Jason: Thanks for the mobile theme. Much easier to read/write along while on the road.

  5. @Ash, I’d love to hear about your networking success… and you are welcome for the mobile theme thing – I was wondering if anyone noticed :p

  6. @Ali – still works for me… I clicked play once and it just sat there. I clicked play again and it played. I wouldn’t be shocked if IBM makes You Tube take it down, but I hope it stays for a while :p

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