One Of The Most Compelling Reasons To Blog

This is the second-to-last post celebrating my two years of blogging.

I’m big on blogging.  I started the Personal Branding You Get It award to recognize normal professionals who are using this technology to develop their personal brand, perhaps establish themselves as subject matter experts, and even thought leaders.

Maybe they didn’t start out that way, but it happens.

I love how blogging builds personal and professional credibility.  My very first industry-specific speaking gig was approved, in large part, because of my blog.  People could hear my voice, know what my breadth and depth was, and determine if I would be an appropriate speaker.  I think without the blog I would not have had much of a chance speaking at that conference.

But that is only one reason to have a professional blog.  There’s another reason… a reason no one told me about before I started.

Blogging is the most significant thing I’ve done with regard to networking.

Finding new network contacts (or, being found by them), and nurturing network relationships.

If you start a blog, and do it right, and get out there, and become known (within your industry or profession), I think you’ll be absolutely amazed at who you get to know.

I know I have been.

8 thoughts on “One Of The Most Compelling Reasons To Blog”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I have met some of the most incredible and influential people through my blogging – some I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise! I absolutely love interacting with other people who are passionate about my interests (health and Web 2.0). Wouldn’t be here without it.

  2. Hee. Did you swipe the graphic from the original “motivational poster” thread? 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Jason, on two years strong.

    As a brand new blogger (going on 2 whole months!), I’m already enjoying the community and networking empowerment that is ever-slowly creeping in.

    I never would have thought just a few months ago that blogging could be so exhilarating and such a great learning experience. It’s really fired me up in a whole new way in my business.

    Thanks to you for all your blogging expertise. I took in the 5-part blogging advice series you posted a year ago. That along with a couple of your webinars have been extremely helpful to a novice like me.

    Thanks for your suport, Jason, and congrats again on 2 years of compelling blogging. Looking forward to so many more.


  4. Jason,

    Congratulations – 2 years and still relevant as ever!

    What’s lovely about blogs – and you’re right about this – is that not only does your content stand out, but in the way you write them, we hear your voice and style, the humor, the quirks, and make something electronic – REAL.

    Looking forward to more posts.


  5. jason –

    Congrads on the 2 year mark. You were one of the first blogs I started following, and were part of the motivation for me to try. See you at the 5 year mark…!!


  6. I was once a blogging skeptic thinking that it was much like beating a dead horse. After all how many blogs can a person really read in one day? However after getting my blogging off the ground I totally agree with your sentiments that it helps build credibility and reach people who may not otherwise know or care what we have to offer. Plus its a n extraordinary way to vent about everything that you like or hate.

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