Five Days of Blogging Secrets

Last year for my one year anniversary I shared five posts of blogging secrets – stuff I’ve learned over a year of blogging.

I have since created a two-hour blog marketing webinar called Blog Marketing 201 – 501, which you can get for $49.95 from the CEO Training site.

Today, as I wrap up a week-long celebration of another year of blogging, I’d like to share those 5 posts with you (again).  Enjoy!

Day 1: My Blogging Secrets – it’s all about relationships, with your readers, other bloggers, etc.

Day 2: My Blogging Secrets – it’s all about your brand, building credibility, expressing your professional breadth and depth, etc.

Day 3: My Blogging Secrets – having an abundance mentality – what do you share, what do you hoard?  As a blogger you might see a paradigm shift.

Day 4: My Blogging Secrets – the importance and benefits of building a community.

Day 5: My Blogging Secrets – technology ain’t necessarily your best friend – keep it clean, avoid being slow (to load a page), while being slow (to adopt new technology/widgets).

Helpful? Anything to add?