Why Work Sucks (and how to fix it) with me, Dan Pink and Scott Stratten

What’s a simple guy like me doing hosting a teleseminar with Dan Pink and Scott Stratten?

Why am I interviewing Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, the famous authors of Why Work Sucks and how to fix it??

I couldn’t get a job interview two years ago, and now I’m talking with and to these rock stars.

(for those of you who think I am a rock star (dont’ laugh, some people do), I have one message: we are all normal people.  I heard a guy speak this weekend who referred to rockstars as “rascals,” with the message that we are all just normal folks.)

A big part of my “You Get It” personal branding winner of the month award is recognizing ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things for their careers.

I submit a major part of why I’m on this call, which is quite an honor, is because of my blog.  My blog shows you what my professional breadth and depth are, and what my professional passions are.  It’s a cool way to celebrate the two year anniversary 🙂

Your blog (you have one, right?) would do the same.  And it will put you in the right place, at the right time.

Click on this link for more info about the teleseminar (it’s free!), which is TODAY at 5pm EST (3pm MST):

This is one of my first times doing this… we’ll see how it goes!

4 thoughts on “Why Work Sucks (and how to fix it) with me, Dan Pink and Scott Stratten”

  1. Jason, I agree. Rockstars are no different than you or me. I work in DC and see a lot of political “rockstars.” They still have the same issues we do. They struggle with the life/work balance like us all. And your comment about a blog – Right place/right time – is spot on!

  2. I listened in on the teleseminar and really like the concept of the book. At my previous place of employment, there were lots of people around me who always made sludge comments and it wasn’t until I left, I realized that I was sick of it. When I communicate with those people know, I always flip things around and find the positive about the person they are burning. I am glad to be on my own time with work that I know has to get done. If this book would have come out when I was working at my old job, I would have bought a copy for my ex-team leader, ex-manager, and entire row.

  3. @Brandon – thank you … this rockstar theme has been and will continue to be my message to all professionals who read my blog 🙂

    @lucilla – glad to have you on the call, thanks for making the time 🙂 It will be exciting to see how ROWE interrupts our daily work life, and what happens to the world as (and if) it’s implemented.

    @Scott – 🙂

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