Happy Birthday to JibberJobber Blog and Advanced Sourcing Training

happy birthday to the JibberJobber blog!It was two years ago yesterday that I wrote my first blog post.  I thought I was a darn good blogger until about 6 months into it one of my respected peers said “hey, it sounds like you are finally finding your blogging voice!  Congrats!”  I know it was a compliment but I was offended because I didn’t know I had sounded so lost before that :p

Anyway, this week I’ll share some special stuff with you, like I did for last year’s anniversary.  Stay tuned for that.

Today I wanted to share information on something called Sourcing, which is something that recruiters rely on.

If you are a job seeker, check out the description below – you should know what techniques and tactics recruiters are taught so that you can optimize your chance of being found.

If you are a recruiter, fork over the $149.97 to attend this session by the master of sourcing, Shally no-last-name-required.  Shally (okay, it’s Shally Steckerl) is one of the most respected people in the recruiting space, and probably has some kind of super-human abilities.  He is an expert at searching… that is, finding talent.  Whether it’s through LinkedIn or Google, or however he does it, Shally finds hidden talent.  This is a must-not-miss opportunity.

If you are a career professional who works with job seekers (job search coach, resume writer, career counselor, etc.), consider taking the course so you can learn how to better position your clients.

There you go – a two-fer blog post… first, happy birthday to us (yeah!) and second a recruiting event you shan’t miss!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to JibberJobber Blog and Advanced Sourcing Training”

  1. congratulations Jason, I think only someone who runs a blog can understand the investment of time and energy that it takes to do what you have accomplished!!

  2. Happy birthday, dear Jason/JJ blog, happy birthday to you!!!

    You given your readers the gift of yourself, your knowledge, your care. What gift(s) would YOU like on this birthday?

    Your fan and friend,
    Deb Dib

  3. @Eric – thank you sir – that’s a great compliment coming from you!

    @Deb – I really have to think about that one… if you ask my mom and my wife, they’ll tell you that I’m really, really about about asking for presents :p

  4. Jason and friends –

    I have attended Shally’s sourcing webinars on both Linked In and Search Strings and he’s amazing. Not only does he have the content, but he communicates it in a way that is easily understand.

    And as amazing goess…so are you, Jason Alba! A belated but VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY / ANNIVERSARY! It is because of you, through you, your book and Heather Gardner that I came to treat Linked In with greater seriousness as a networking and recruiting tool. And now am venturing into Social Networking…what’s next?

    Best Wishes,

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