Looking For A Job Search Log Spreadsheet?

Apparently, a lot of people are looking for a spreadsheet tool to track their job search. A job search log, a job search tracker… these are common terms I see people list as what they were searching for when they found JibberJobber, which for job seekers, is an excellent job search organizer. Of course, it is more than a job search tool… it is my personal CRM, and it is a personal relationship manager for non-job seekers… and it is a tool to organize and track relationships and target companies for people who are “in-between job searches” 🙂

Nonetheless, let me share two job search tracking spreadsheet options for you, in case the JibberJobber job search organizational tools are too sophisticated:

First, here’s information about the job search excel spreadsheet that I created when I was looking, before I came up with JibberJobber (you can download the job search tracking spreadsheet from this post). I posted it for you so you could didn’t have to start from scratch… you can use it until you are so frustrated with a spreadsheet solution that you need a real tool to track your job search. It may sound wierd, but that’s what happened to me. The spreadsheet worked to track my target companies, where I sent my resume, and network contacts… for a few weeks. Then, I was doing so much networking, and sending out so many resumes, that my job search spreadsheet just started to fall apart.

I knew after I found a job the spreadsheet would seem so convoluted I wouldn’t be able to use it later. And that was not cool – I didn’t want to start from scratch when I started a new job search, 3 – 5 years after I landed.

Second, here’s Microsoft’s template for your job search. Thanks to Rod Colon’s ETP Network, which I’m a proud member of, I learned about this from one of their new members. Again, if you need a spreadsheet, this would be a great choice… just make sure you back up your C: drive regularly (you don’t want to lose that data – it might be the most important data you have on your PC!). Oh yeah, don’t mess with the design too much, or it will get as convoluted as my job search log. It’s tempting, with Excel, but it gets messed up.

So if neither of those work for you, perhaps you’d be interested in another option… I hear JibberJobber is pretty freaking cool. Here’s a short slideshow I did explaining what JibberJobber is:

Yes, I’m a slideshare.net junkie, after doing my I Just Got Fired show, which has been viewed over 1,400 times!

So there you go, two options to start off with if you want to use a spreadsheet to track your job search. I don’t recommend either, as I think using JibberJobber is a more long-term solution, even a career management solution… but hey, we’re not for everyone! More on that later!

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  1. ooh, this is some good stuff. there’s a lot of bad advice being doled out to job seekers, and a lot of what i’m seeing here is spot on. good stuff. keep up the good work. : )

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