Executive Career Coach Teleseminar on “How to Conduct a Highly Successful Job Search”

Beverly Harvey is one of my expert partners. She runs Harvey Careers, and specializes in “empowering senior-level executives with savvy career marketing materials and job search tools.”

Beverly is conducting a three-part teleseminar called “How to Conduct a Highly Successful Job Search and Land Your Next Position Quickly.

She asks: Is your job search stalled? Are you confused about the market place?

That is how my job search was. And I was confused since it was a “job seeker’s market” but no one would call me back.

I totally could have used this training. Here’s the deal… this job search series includes 3 calls (60 minutes each) that are recorded, and you’ll have access to them anytime (so you don’t even need to be on the calls). You also get a 45-page resource guide, a roadmap, and much more.

I haven’t taken the class, and I don’t have the resource guide. But I have seen Beverly at conferences and know that she is always keeping up on trends, is principle-based, and well-respected by her peers.

And she partnered with JibberJobber. That’s good enough for me… when a coach forks over some money to partner with JibberJobber they really show they “get it.”

Beverly gets it, and for less than $100 bucks you can tap into a wealth of knowledge.

How do you register? Just go to her website and scroll down to the bottom… or you can call 386-749-3111.

One last point. Even if you aren’t in a job search… you know, you already have your comfortable job… I strongly encourage you to sign up for this training. You never know when you’ll need it!