Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton Does My 2 Year Interview

Total Picture Radio... click to see the interview postPeter Clayton has been good to me. Really good. He introduced me to the HR world when JibberJobber was just ONE month old, and that led to many great relationships which I carry on today.

I was honored that he would ask me for another interview (the third), to celebrate my two year anniversary. You can find the interview HERE. It’s only 22 minutes.

He has amazing interviews on his site… take some time to scroll through past interviews and listen to what  industry leaders think about careers, employment, the job search, job boards, social networking… all the stuff you are interested in. If you have time, you can hear my FIRST interview with him, in June of 2006!

Thanks Peter Clayton!!

1 thought on “Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton Does My 2 Year Interview”

  1. Congratulations! I’ll have to listen – it sounds interesting.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about my career, etc, recently and found something I wanted to share. I think you might find it interesting, too.
    I have a really interesting concept I would like to share with you– a friend of mine had recently read Harmonic Wealth by James Ray and showed me a section because she thought it reminded her of me. That is how it all began. (lol!)
    James Ray said, “If your not growing, you’re dying.” Six simple words that I really needed to hear. I guess it was because I was complaining to my friend that I just wasn’t feeling stimulated enough. It wasn’t as if I was doing anything “bad” in my life, so I was not sure why I was not feeling right. After learning this idea, I realized that “staying at even par” is not enough. That bad feeling was because by not growing, I was staying in the same place, just plodding along towards my death in a way. Doing nothing has negative consequences. But if I was to start growing, I would be moving my life forward, expanding it into something much more exciting! That’s what living is all about.
    After I finished reading Harmonic Wealth, I realized I needed to commit myself to a lifetime of learning – it did not end when I threw my graduation cap in the air. Check it out for yourself… (Link) By the way, the Spanish classes I singed up for are going great 🙂
    Here’s the link to the website where I bought the book:
    – a James Ray Enthusiast

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