Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters Excerpt Courtesy Dave Perry

A while back I signed up for Dave Perry’s three free chapters, and subsequent newsletters, from the Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters website. I LOVED the three chapters, and the subsequent e-mails have been very valuable.

Here’s their message from the front page of GM4JH:

If you’re looking for a job, you’ve probably realized that typical tactics—like cold calling and bombarding companies with resumes—don’t work well in today’s intensely selective and competitive job market. With real-life war stories from successful job hunters and expert tips and tactics from prominent headhunters, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters gives you plenty of insurgent ideas for finding and landing the right job.

Dave has given me permission to post the three chapters, free, for you (right click here to download the pdf). But if you want more meaty information, tips, techniques, stories, etc., I suggest you go to GM4JH and sign up (on the left of the screen). Oh yeah, if you want the book, it’s less than $13 on

Thanks Dave!

3 thoughts on “Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters Excerpt Courtesy Dave Perry”

  1. I agree that David does have great information in this book, as well as in his newest book, “Executive Recruiting for Leaders.” As someone who loves to understand how the other side thinks, this is a great book for Executives to read in order to understand the mindset of organizations’ goal of recruiting passive candidates who represent the A-players of the country.

    David was kind enough to give me a sneak peak into his new book and I’ve blogged about some of his insights at The rest – and there are many – you’ll have to find by reading the book yourself!

    Cindy Kraft, the CFO-Coach

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