Today Is The Last Day Of The $99 Special Offer

Just a quick post for any of you who didn’t know about the buy-one-get-one-free offer to celebrate our second year at JibberJobber – we had to extend it through TONIGHT.

Pay $99 and each month turns out to be $4.13 … ! That’s a pretty sweet deal. Why would you do this? Here’s a few of my favorite reasons:

  1. JibberJobber is a LIFETIME career management tool! You might be in a job search now, but when you land your job you’ll be in-between job searches! The government says we’ll be in transition every three to five years (yes, that sucks), but my partners who work with executives say that, depending on your role (CxO), you might be in transition every 12 – 18 months. WOW! What are YOU doing about it?
  2. The premium version e-mails you your action items. I don’t expect you to login to JibberJobber to see what you have going on today… but I do suspect you live out of your e-mail (I do). I’ve missed too many appointments, and in my job search I missed a call-back because my calendaring system was messy. As a premium subscriber you can choose when you get the e-mail – two days before it’s due? Cool. Five days? No problem. Twenty days… on the day… whenever? It’s up to you!
  3. The premium version has NO limits on number of records stored. Currently, anyone who subscribes as a premium user can have as many target companies, network contacts and documents (resumes, reference letters, etc.) in the system.
  4. The premium version allows you to import and export. Have your contact lists elsewhere? Target companies in a spreadsheet? You can simply import them into JibberJobber. And if you are concerned about backups (more than what we do, which is a nightly tape backup), you can export your data as often as you please.
  5. The premium version has a “Get Contact List” option. This allows you to get your contacts in a variety of formats, including .csv, .html, vcard, etc. Want to send an e-mail to just a segment of your list? No problem, the Get Contact List was made for that…

As a bonus, anyone who is a premium user, with a one-year-or-more subscription, can get any of the CEO Training webinars for 50% off… anytime!

Trying to figure out LinkedIn or Facebook? You can get the webinars at just $24.95, instead of $49.95.

Want to get a book out and enhance your personal brand, develop yourself as a subject matter expert and thought leader? Write Your Book has gotten great reviews, and you will be able to get it for just $24.95.

Have a great blog that no one reads? This two hour special recording of Blog Marketing 201 – 501 will be just $24.95 if you take advantage of this special.

So go login now, upgrade for $99.95, get two years of premium features, and then head over to the CEO Training site and get some webinars!

Who should take advantage of this? YOU!