Today Is The Last Day To Vote On The Branding Contest!

JibberJobber rebranding contestIf you haven’t voted yet, please head over to the Survey Monkey page to vote on your favorite taglines.

I need to mention, there were two messups. First, the very first option should be 2 different lines:

  • Career Management 2.0, and
  • Empowering Tools for Lifetime Career Control

Second, the very first submission I received got lost in my filing system and didn’t make it on the survey. It is:

  • Managing the information to manage your career

Sorry two the people that affected…! If you want to submit a vote for either of these, please write it in a comment on PAGE 2 of the survey. To see all the other submissions, go click on the survey (and vote!).

Today’s the last day to vote… on this round. I can see some clear leaders and will do a second vote with the leaders narrowed down.

Thanks a ton to the sponsors: