My Little Secret: I’m On Twitter

Many of you may not know that I’m on Twitter. I’ve been there for quite some time. And I tweet regularly. Here’s my latest tweet:

Jason Alba is on Twitter

I haven’t posted about it here for the same reason I don’t post my LinkedIn profile: I am not fishing for followers (in Twitter), connections (in LinkedIn), or friends (in Facebook).

Not that I don’t want you to follow me, I would love for you to follow me 🙂 Especially if you are on Twitter (or those other networks). Interestingly enough, I share some things on Twitter that I would not share on this blog. It’s such a different platform, with such a different purpose, that it seems appropriate.

The funny thing is, I used to feel like I was cheating on you, my loyal blog reader, when I announced something on Twitter before I announced it on this blog :p How silly is that.

But I’m finally ready – if you want to follow me on Twitter, you can find me at You can click on that link to see what I tweet about. You may be surprised to find more silly, personal stuff there. That’s just the nature of Twitter.

Have I found business value out of Twitter? Absolutely.

Have I found people enhancing their personal brand on Twitter? Without a doubt.

Is Twitter for everyone? No way.

But it’s good for me. One more question…

Will there be a “I’m on Twitter — Now What???” book? I’m not saying 😉

9 thoughts on “My Little Secret: I’m On Twitter”

  1. “Cracking through email, doing a spreadsheet…”

    That’s groundbreaking stuff 🙂

    I like your blog – don’t give up your day job.

  2. Help Jason, I don’t get it!

    Seems very distracting, but then maybe I’m a generation before the “extreme multi-tasking” pros. And in those tiny bits of streaming info, how do you build relationships?

    I need “I’m on Twitter, Now What???” Or at least a JibberJobber webinar on it.

    Deb Dib
    Confused but willing to learn!

  3. Hi Jason,

    As a fellow twit in your Twitterverse, I love this medium. Initially I wasn’t sure of the value of Twitter, but surprisingly the benefits have exceeded my expectations. I like the short format, you say what you need to say and get on with it. I have learned of valuable resources and created business relationships through Twitter. Like all things net, you have to customize its use to fit your needs. When I need to focus, I simply shut down Twhirl and get to work. I hated IM but I actually love Twitter, go figure.


  4. Great stuff…fascinating times. I don’t post nearly enough on my forums and blogs let alone tweet regularly. But to experience selling the Strategic Career Plan and awareness to my keynote in Disney World because of a tweet still blows my mind. I think I will micro-blog more!

    On LinkedIn too…changing status every three days on LinkedIn is required which is great because of front page views – I am telling you, I get a contact every time I change status on LinkedIn and even got a President candidate lead for a client! Set it on your phone folks and update your sites…it may prove the best time ROI you can do!

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