JibberJobber Branding Contest – Vote On The Finalists!

vote on JibberJobber's Rebranding ContestHere are the final choices for the final taglines. Two of these got almost 20% of the votes. Which is your favorite? Go to the survey and vote for ONE.

  • JibberJobber: Career Management 2.0
  • JibberJobber: Empowering tools for lifetime career control
  • JibberJobber: The portal to your career management
  • JibberJobber: Managing the information to manage your career

Again, go vote here – voting closes Thursday at the close of business (specifically, 11:45pm MST)!

Tomorrow I’ll share what I’ve learned from the other, follow-up questions. You have told me what JibberJobber is, what it needs to be to make it better, etc. This process has been very, very interesting!

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