The Contest (And A Teleseminar Recording)

personal branding teleseminar with LinkedIn and FacebookI got my webmonkey account and am compiling the submissions. It’s kind of hard because some people gave one-liner tag lines, and others wrote long e-mails with a lot of rich information. It’s coming, I promise!

For now, let me share a recording from a teleseminar I did yesterday to a few hundred people. I didn’t advertise here (sorry guys!) because they only had room for 200 people, and last I heard there were over 300 registered. Who’d-a-thunk I could draw a crowd, eh?

Anyway, go check out the teleseminar recording (scroll down on this page). It was on Facebook and LinkedIn and personal branding – how cool is that? In about an hour I share all of my secrets. Well, almost all of my secrets 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Contest (And A Teleseminar Recording)”

  1. The teleseminar was rich in content. There was something for everyone no matter your experience with LinkedIn or Facebook. Well done Jason and William!


  2. I got an e-mail about this last week but I had a meeting at that time, and I was sad to miss it. So thanks for posting the link! Looks like I’ll be able to catch it after all. Looking forward to it!

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