New Features As Of 3am Last Night

Our latest release happened last night! This release introduces some features that I’m really jazzed about. I’m not including everything here, since some of it was specifically for my coach partners, or verbiage, or just inconsequential to your user experience. But man I was excited about this release! Here’s why!

Add a Log Entry and/or Action Item to multiple records at one time (premium feature). Remember the last release, where we announced you could add tags to multiple records? Now you can do the same with Log Entries and Action Items.

add multiple log entries to your records

In the example above, I can put one Log Entry (and make an Action Item, if I wanted) for each of the three contacts that are checked. Not only can you do it from the List Panel, but … and this is very, very cool, I can do it based on my “Get Contact List!”

add log entries to all your contacts at once!

This is HUGE. It means that I can get my contacts who are all bloggers, and as I’m getting ready to send them a newsletter, put a log entry that says “Sent March newsletter talking about x, y, and z.” With one quick click… awesome!

Also, on a call a couple of months ago Deb Dib (JibberJobber Premier Partner and branding contest sponsor) asked about getting a pop-up notification when action items where due. Kind of like how ACT! notifies you of your tasks, or calendar items, or action items. Well, that’s now a possibility! We put new RSS feeds on your Action Items, and you can download a utility that will popup each time your Action Items are coming due (premium feature). Very, very cool. I’ll have a separate blog post on how you do that later.

RSS Feeds on JibberJobber... very cool!

In order to facilitate this, we had to put time on each Action Item. Yep, we should have done it 18 months ago… but it’s finally here. You can now set a TIME for your Action Items.

add time to your Action Items

On the Company List Panel you can now see your contacts in a column.

Show your target company contacts on the List Panel

When you do a search on the Job Search page, we kind of missed the idea of allowing you to scroll to multiple pages… now you can (oops!).

Job Search results - get lots of job search results!

I confess that deciding what is free and what is premium ($9.95/month) is kind of hard sometimes. Over a year ago I made a decision to restrict the global search… if you were Regular you would only be able to search on help and library records. We lifted this restriction, so now please use the global search on the top right, and get the results you think you should get!

Do a search on ALL of your records, not just the library or help files!

Finally, for those of you who have asked how to get on my CEO Training webinars, or buy the recordings, I now have a special custom page just for you! First, there is a “Buy Now” link next to each training course:

CEO Training for the CEO of Me, Inc. (that's you!)

When you click on that, it takes you to the payment page where you can select all or any of the webinars you want access to:

Pay for your CEO Training sessions :)

That’s about it for this release… more stuff is in the works, as we whittle the list down we continue to get requests. And we LOVE making JibberJobber better for you (and for us, too)!

4 thoughts on “New Features As Of 3am Last Night”

  1. Thanks for the multi user log feature!!!

    I went to an event the other day of 60 people where I knew 6 people (and they already existed in JibberJobber). I added a log message for each as a reminder and future follow-up on what they thought of and gained from the event.

    I’m sure I’ll make good use of this feature. Thanks!

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