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Effective Internet Presence bookTed Demopoulos and I have been e-mailing for a few months now. He recently e-mailed me to let me know that he is recommending my LinkedIn book I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? in his new eBook called Effective Internet Presence.

Ted Demopoulos - security expertI checked out this book on personal branding and was impressed, and knew that I should share it with you. It’s a simple, free download… you can go to his website, Effective Internet Presence, or you can just click here to download it.

This eBook has a very casual style but it’s thirty nine pages are packed full of information that you should be interested in.

The premise of the book is something like (in my own words) “what happens when people Google your name?” Or your product, or your service, or brand, or company name? For a quick and fun test, try this free online identity calculator by the folks behind Career Distinction (the bible of personal branding).

If you get no results, it’s probably not good.

If you get negative results, it’s definitely not good.

If you get results from someone that has the same name as you do, that’s not necessarily good. This is the same issue that Bill Arruda (aka, William Arruda), Scott Allen, and David Scott (aka, David Meerman Scott) have/had. I kind of have it a tiny bit with Jessica Alba, but she’s so well known that it doesn’t affect my brand.

Anyway, Ted Demopoulos has put together a very easy read full of resources that you should know about, and ideas for your strategy. I even picked up two different web resources that I’m going to investigate further, based on his recommendations.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out! You’ll have it read in thirty minutes!

4 thoughts on “Effective Internet Presence – Free eBook On Personal Branding by Demop”

  1. Jason

    If you follow college basketball, then you might confuse me with a talented underclassman from UNC that turned pro last season. One point to make that I think was missed is that even a misplaced, omitted or even a different letter matters. The basketball player I speak of is Brandan Wright.

  2. Jason, thanks for sharing this useful information!

    I started working on my personal brand a couple of weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised by my score from the calculator. It seemed that the key factors of getting my score was my LinkedIn profile and the blog comments I’ve entered here. THANKS!

    I did struggle for a while with my brand since I preferred to be known as Tom Kenny however there is this cartoon guy that already branded it and it was going to be very tough getting high hits on Google. So I went with my formal name and am having better success establishing my personal brand.

    I certainly have much more work to do on formulating my brand but at least it’s great to know I’m on the right track!

  3. This was a very helpful post, for a few reasons. One, I downloaded the book and read it in about 45 minutes, taking a lot of notes and such. I definitely recommend it for anyone who is trying to determine how to improve his or her own brand or the brand of their company leveraging the web. Also, the online identity calculator was quite insightful. I apparently have a stronger presence than I thought. But definitely need to streamline my brand a bit. Again, very helpful!

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