Did You Hear About The Free Webinars?

JibberJobber webinarsLast year I started experimenting with live webinars to help people understand how to use JibberJobber. While we mostly went over the general “let’s get started” features there was at least one call devoted entirely to more advanced features. This live training is now a mainstay!

I always go by the audience needs, so if you have any questions come join us! Even if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s a great way to easily understand the breadth and depth of JibberJobber, which has been called the “gold standard” in career technology.

The schedule, and login information, is always found from this blog by clicking on Pages (at the top, on the main menu), then Free Webinar! Here is the schedule through March:

  • January 23 (Wednesday) – noon EST (9am PST) this morning!
  • February 13 (Wednesday) – noon EST (9am PST)
  • February 27 (Wednesday) – noon EST (9am PST)
  • March 12 (Wednesday) – noon EST (9am PST)
  • March 26 (Wednesday) – noon EST (9am PST)

To access the webinar portion just click on this link, and then call the following number (this information is available on the Free Webinar page):

(712) 432-9998, access code 370520#

So there you go, whether you have signed up for JibberJobber or not, whether you are a job seeker, networker, recruiter, business owner or whatever, feel free to jump on and see what it’s all about!

Remember, if none of these dates/times work for you, you can always access the video tutorials here.