Nerd Guru Hits One Year Birthday

Last year a new blogger popped up… only to become one of my favorite reads. We “met” when he read a blog post I wrote on and have had a number of conversations since. He is one of the few blogs that I follow via e-mail.

This week, Nerd Guru, aka Pete Johnson, turns one. Not only has he made my blog reading richer, he wants to make one of us richer – he’s giving away a $50 gift certificate at Details?

On Monday (1/7/2008) I’ll announce the details of the Nerd Guru First Blogoversary Scavenger Crossword Contest Spectacular and on Thursday it’ll go live. As mentioned before the holiday break, the winner will get a $50 Amazon gift certificate!

The post isn’t there yet… I’ll check back later. Here’s one of my favorite things on the Nerd Guru site:

Nerd Guru - what a nerd!

Pete, it’s been fun, you have an excellent voice and message, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your first year!

Update! Pete posted the details here. I don’t know if this is good news for my resume and wordsmith readers, or for my techie/search readers! It will be fun, all the same!

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  1. Dude, it’s good news for everybody! $50 is $50, right?

    I’m afraid I may have made it too hard seeing as my wife couldn’t answer the question about her or the one about our daughter, but then again I can always drop hints if I get complaints.

    Pete Johnson Chief Architect
    Personal blog:

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