Update On The Facebook Book

my book-writing tool :)Progress on I’m on Facebook — Now What??? has been humming along. Jesse and I have sent the pre-edited book to over 80 bloggers and journalists, and the feedback we have received is very helpful. Most of it has been extremely positive, and a few people have replied with some major changes but very helpful all the same. I am nervous to dive in and change a bunch of stuff this late in the game, but will make some changes for sure.

We almost have a cover designed, which should be pretty cool. It’s really interesting how many details and decisions go into the book, and I’m expecting to get feedback on even the most minute detail. Fortunately the decision-making team communicates very well and we are able to differentiate between small issues and large issues.

We’ve also received the foreword from Lee Lorenzen, who is the first Facebook-only VC and a very big name in the Facebook space, created the book’s blog, and a “Page” that you can join as a fan (to keep up to date on the book progress).

The biggest question we still get is the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn, as far as how you would use them. Many people say “I use LinkedIn for professional networking and Facebook for family and social networking.” Not much of an argument there… how in the world would you do “family networking” on LinkedIn???

But there is definitely a compelling reason to learn about how Facebook can help you professionally, from You, Inc. to your role as an employee to your own business venture… Facebook has a lot to offer. And that’s what this book is all about.

The editor just sent me a revision in the Table of Contents, but here’s the old one, with the gist of what we’re writing about:

Foreword – Lee Lorenzen
Chapter 1 – Getting Started
Chapter 2 – Getting Involved
Chapter 3 – Commonly Asked Questions
Chapter 4 – Applications
Chapter 5 – Privacy
Chapter 6 – Your Facebook Strategy
Chapter 7 – Facebook for Businesses
Chapter 8 – Facebook No-no’s
Chapter 9 – Additional Resources

More information soon, once the cover is finalized we’ll have a page to pre-order the ebook and the hard copy at discounted rates!