Secrets of the Job Hunt’s Top 10 job hunting stories of 2007

Secrets of the Job Hunt, CM RussellI’ve respected Chris Russell since I met him, and love how he is one of the top watchdogs and pundits in the career space. Chris has a broad perspective and easily moves between the recruiter, job board, resume and coach spaces. He recently posted his last podcast of the year, seven minutes of his top 10 job hunting stories. This is an excellent wrap-up, and I agree with his points. Check out the podcast here.

It’s interesting to note that JibberJobber doesn’t fit anywhere in his commentary or list. I should note that Chris has written plenty about JibberJobber, and I’m grateful for that, but one of these years perhaps we’ll make his top 10 job hunting stories of a year. I should also note that … I just wrote about four more paragraphs but decided to delete them (chuckle chuckle – some things are better left unwritten!)!