JibberJobber Videos: Understanding the Breadth and Depth of JibberJobber

JibberJobber videos!In a comment from yesterday’s post about the video on merging duplicate entries, Tom Kenny asks if there are any other training videos. Of course, I’m not Director Tom, but my answer is:


Over the last few months I’ve put together 18 videos that pin down various things within JibberJobber. These are short, mostly around two minutes, and are very unscripted 🙂 But they are helpful to get you started, and ensure that you know about some of the elusive features. I want to share my favorites but it is hard to choose… so here is a list of all of them:

Quick Start

Add a new contact (2 minutes, 41 seconds)
Add a log entry (1 minute, 33 seconds)
Create a CSV file to import new companies (1 minute, 54 seconds)
Importing Companies from a CSV file (1 minute, 46 seconds)


The List Panel defined (2 minutes, 27 seconds)
Action Items Explained (2 minute, 33 seconds)


Get Contact List (2 minutes, 53 seconds)
Tags Explained (1 minute, 22 seconds)
Tags to E-mails? (2 minute, 03 seconds)
Drag and drop from outlook (54 seconds)
Network Relationship Goals (2 minutes, 33 seconds)
How to export your contacts from LinkedIn (2 minutes, 26 seconds)
Merge Duplicate Records (3 minutes, 45 seconds)


How to track a job posting and edit its status (2 minutes, 49 seconds)
How to Add a Job Feed (1 minute, 31 seconds)
Job Feeds Creating a New Job Record (1 minute, 37 seconds)


How to use the Maps (2 minutes, 29 seconds)
Expense Tracker (1 minute, 45 seconds)

If you have ideas for other videos, let me know!