Bloggers review “I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???”

buzz in the blogosphereHere’s some blogosphere buzz about my book, which should ship on September 24th (it should also be available on by the 24th). Thanks a ton to everyone that has blogged about it, or that has it scheduled, or has already sent it to their various newsletters!

The Ash Buckles Blog. Even though I’m good friends with Ash Buckles, he is still “very impressed overall.” And you know how hard it is to keep your friends impressed! Here’s Ash’s post on my book.

Chris Knudsen on life, business, and entrepreneurship. I’ve had lunch with Chris and find him to have a very smart, critical (as in critical analysis) blog, which is always interesting. This post gives a little more than a head nod and even says the book is “great.” 🙂

Mike Schaffner’s Beyond Blinking Lights and Acronyms. Mike says that I give “a refreshingly honest and balanced review of LinkedIn” which is true, this is not a “I Love LinkedIn And You Should Too” book. It’s a book on how to get the best out of it.

Legal Andrew. How does a lawyer review a book about a website? Very well 🙂 I like how Andrew brings out his three favorite things, including what to do with school names, how to get recommendations, and (of course, since he’s a lawyer) an entire chapter on Shady Practices! Here’s his review!

Susan Guarneri’s Career Goddess Blog. Susan gave one of the earliest head nods in her Social Networking and LinkedIn Tips blog post, which was also posted on – thanks Susan!

Barbara Safani’s Career Solvers blog. Barbara says that the book answers many questions posed to her by her clients, which is cool because I didn’t know what questions she was getting… but they must have been the same quesitons I had! This was also posted on the very useful Career Hub blog.

Digital Thom’s blog. Thom is another friend that I may have managed to impress. Before he wrote his review he read the ebook twice… and after that he still thinks I “did an excellent job!” Here’s his review.

Thom Singer’s Some Assembly Required blog. Thom is an author of Some Assembly Required and The ABCs of Networking, two books that I’ve read and strongly recommend! Thom was the first to buy my book, so he’s immortalized (in my mind – I’m sure many authors have their “first sale” person immortalized :p). This post is a public congratulation for getting my book this far, thanks for your support Thom! (want to listen to me and Thom talk about all kinds of important stuff? Last night we recorded a radio show, that you can hear here).

Bill Sobel’s NEW YORK: MEDIA INFORMATION EXCHANGE GROUP blog. Bill owns Sobel Media and runs the Media Information Exchange Group in New York City – if you have any interest in media you should follow his blog, which has a lot of current events in this space. Thanks for sharing I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? with your readers, Bill!

Darlene McDaniel’s Interview Chatter. Darlene is a thinker, and she wasn’t all that excited about LinkedIn. But somewhere in the first part of my book she decided to get involved, and you can read about her fascinating early days (which is right now) on her blog… it’s really interesting to read about her journey starting out and really exploring LinkedIn – I hope that Mario Sundar and other LinkedIn employees are following along.

Head nod from Kent Blumberg’s Leadership, strategy and performance blog. Kent has a great post on 10 ways to build your personal brand, where he puts LinkedIn as #4 (not that they are ordered by importance), and suggests you get my book 🙂
If I’ve missed your post please shoot it to me!

Thanks again to each of you!

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