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A couple of things that you might be interested in:

webinar today!First, the user webinars have been excellent. Not a lot of users on each one because I have not advertising it to my user group yet (only my blog readers :)) … today is the last one that won’t get advertising – from now on I’ll be shooting it out to all the people that have signed up on JibberJobber. You can keep tabs on upcoming webinars here.

Today at 9am PST, 10am MST, 11am CST and noon EST is the next user webinar! Whether you have been using JibberJobber for months or haven’t even logged in yet, come ask all your questions and see what’s up! Login information here!

Carnival lollipop!Second, I’m hosting a blog carnival again! This one is for recruiters… but I’m putting a spin on it! I want YOU to write your best or worst recruiter experience ever… something that you want to share with recruiters so they can be better!

I’m sure you’ve worked with a recruiter before… even if they just call you and you are never interested but the keep calling you. Or, they landed you your last excellent job. Or they landed you a nightmare job! Whatever it is, share the best or the worst…. I’ll link to all of them on Tuesday, Sept 11th.

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