JibberJobber Featured in NYC News

WNBC reporterJibberJobber was recently featured on channel 4, NBC primetime news in New York City! How cool is that?

Sree Sreenivasan does a regular tech spotlight… in this article you’ll notice that they did not go in alphabetical order and listed JibberJobber as first (first!!), even before superstars in the employment space like LinkedIn (maybe someone at LinkedIn should write a book called “I’m on JibberJobber — Now What???” :p) and SimplyHired.

Other interesting points:

  1. The name JibberJobber… I’ve heard a handful of times over the last 18 months from people that don’t like the name JibberJobber. But every time I hear it on a podcast, or radio, and now TV, people always talk about it. I *love* how the reporter doesn’t miss the opportunity to say that she loves the name 🙂 (Thanks Tige, for the name!)
  2. The focus from Sree… it was so interesting to me that Sree focused on the resume aspect of JibberJobber. When I talk about JibberJobber I might say “and use it to track where you send your resumes…” but I usually don’t go on from there. I focus on overall relationship management as well as tracking target companies, which are two things that you do whether you are in a job search or not. Building on that idea, it amazes me when someone gives a huge compliment on something that I thought was a cute addition, but not the core of the product – like the simple expense tracker. The more I do the webinars (the next one is tomorrow morning, come if you can!) the more I realize how big JibberJobber really is.
  3. Really fun website… Sree says “JibberJobber dot com is a really fun website…” and “it’s really nice and easy to use.” These are two other things that I don’t really talk about, but it sure sounds good to me 🙂
  4. What they chose to show… Even with just about 10 seconds of talking about it, and only showing screens that are not part of the logged in section, there were over a hundred signups from New York and New Jersey – hope this helps in your job search!
  5. In the video they didn’t mention LinkedIn… but they did mention MyAmiko and Alumwire. The video looks like it wraps up with SimplyHired… so how did LinkedIn make it on the writeup?

Here is a link to the video, or click on the image below:

Sree Sreenivasan, Tech Spotlight, about JibberJobber

Thanks for highlighting us, Sree!

16 thoughts on “JibberJobber Featured in NYC News”

  1. Jason, it was an absolute blast working with you on JibberJobber during its concept phases. The name was pure random inspiration, but it seems that the love outweighs the hate. But love it or hate it, the name JibberJobber seems to be catching on! The crazy hard work you have put into this has made your site such an incredible resource.

    Kudos, my friend, kudos.


  2. Nice press Jason. I actually watch that news channel from time to time. Wish I had caught it.

    Sounds like he got all those sites from my blog! I have covered them all…!

  3. Hi Jason! Congratulations! This is *great* news. I’m really happy to see you getting this kind of coverage. You certainly deserve it! And now that you’ve made it in New York… well, you get the drift 🙂 All the Best, Walter

  4. Man, I dream of the level of success you are experiencing with JibberJobber. It gives me hope and lights a fire inside to keep on keeping on!

    Thanks for sharing your victories with us. Yet again, congratulations!

  5. Congrats Jason and count me in as one of the recent sign ups which I just did today. I spent some time navigating around this CRM career management tool. As a Personal Brand Strategist I work with MBA students, Executive MBA participants and professionals and so far, after 30 minutes navigating around, I’m impressed and will recommend. Haven’t explored all the tools as of yet but did spend some time on the Professional Networking Tool which is cool…hey that rhymes…great place where “at a glance” you see the whole profile of a contact. Much better than sifting through the stack(s) of business cards marked up with scribbles that, if legible, indicate where the contact was made, date, etc.. (I usually note a personal feature to put a face with a card). Thanks Jason

  6. Jason, I don’t often see people with your tenacity, vision, innovation, and sense of community (and willingness to learn and grow from that community) — AND have that all tied into a great new product that truly filled a void!

    Not surprised that you’re getting great press — and I’m sure there will be lots more well-deserved exposure. Congratulations!

    Deb Dib, CEO Coach and Jason Alba Brand Evangelist 🙂

  7. Glad they mentioned the expense tracking feature. Career services, like JibberJobber, may be tax deductible. I like that you discovered new benefits to your own program too! Congrats!

    – Wendy Terwelp, “Are you ready for your next big gig?”(R)

  8. Jason, Who knew?? That is, who knew that you hit the big time so quickly. We can say “we knew Jason when…”

    I enjoyed the webinar last week and have noodled around on the website so I could feel more comfortable in my knowledge when recommending that clients use this for job search accountability. The bonus was that I found numerous applications for my own accountability and organization. You have thought of everything!

    P.S. You left out of the webinar how the name came about.

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