Update on “I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???”

Go to I'm on LinkedIn -- Now What???This weekend has been a crash course in getting a book to print. On Friday I reviewed the proof that goes to the printer, which has the correct formatting from the layout team (they did a very cool job). It was kind of hard to review something that I have gone over over and over, but I found about 70 little mistakes. And then I went through some e-mails and found another 5 that other people had pointed out that I didn’t catch.

Saturday morning, around 10:30am I sent the entire list of changes to my publisher and was, for the day, pretty much done.

Sunday morning I got an e-mail that said something like “by they way, because of xyz there are two blank pages at the end … you need to add more content.” Add more content after it’s all done?? I came up with a clever idea (I passed the buck :p) … we’ll see if everyone else thinks it’s clever :).

There are over 100 people that have received a pre-press soft copy of the book (if you are a blogger, or have a newsletter that you can promote the book to, and will promote it on your blog or newsletter, shoot me an e-mail)… here is some of the feedback that I’ve received (shortened where appropriate):

“Jason offers a unique perspective on networking that’s of interest to anyone that is a job seeker, entrepreneur, or networking enthusiast. His book … can easily save the average new user months of time in trial and error.”

— Nadine Turner, Six Sigma Black Belt

“This book takes the guess work out of how to utilize LinkedIn and is unquestionably a friendly user guide! This book is not simply for beginners, but for those who are serious about professional and personal networking.”

Lori Russel Boilard, CEO, Distinct Careers & Psychologist

“If you are new to LinkedIn, you are in for a treat when you read ‘I’m On LinkedIn–Now What???.’ If this book were available the first year LinkedIn started, it would have helped LinkedIn to be better understood and would have helped thousands of professionals get the most out of LinkedIn.”

Vincent Wright, Chief Encouragement Officer, MyLinkedinPowerForum.com

“Throughout this book he narrows down exactly what LinkedIn SHOULD be used for so that readers don’t confuse it with other social networks.”

Daniel Schawbel, Publisher, Personal Branding Magazine

“As Jason writes, LinkedIn is NOT the silver bullet of networking sites; such a site does not exist, and this book does not try to make that point. “

Phil Gerbyshak, public speaker and author of 10 Ways to Make It Great!

“Authoritative and insightful, this book is a great primer for “newbies,” yet it’s comprehensive enough to offer something of value to even the most seasoned LinkedIn users.”

George Blomgren, Director of Marketing, MilwaukeeJobs.com

“Jason’s book is an easy-to-read, well-written, step-by-step tutorial for the novice, or for the person who’s already linked in. He reveals his mastery, once again, at making the complex simple, just as he did with his invention of JibberJobber.”

Billie R. Sucher, Career Transition Consultant & Author, BillieSucher.com

“A book that I’ve long needed to explain just what LinkedIn is and isn’t to countless friends and clients without buzzwords or hype, it’s high on my list of recommendations.”

Susan Reynolds, New Media Consultant, ArtsyAsylum.com

“Jason shows you how to use this tool to its maximum potential. He shows you how to setup your profile to attract folks to you, how to find other people and information on LinkedIn, and how to build you personal brand with the help of LinkedIn.”

Kent M. Blumberg, Executive and Professional Coach, KentBlumberg.com

“In an age of social networking, LinkedIn remains one of the best for business people. Mr. Alba gives a wonderful first-hand insight on the how-tos of using the service: this guide has been a long time coming. I am delighted that he’s taken the time to put together, in a single volume, how to get the best out of the service.”

Jack Yan, CEO, Jack Yan & Associates, JackYan.com

“This book is an easy read with some great descriptions of how to accomplish your LinkedIn Networking tasks. I recommend this book for all users of LinkedIn.”

Jim Browning, Co-Owner/Lead Moderator, LinkedIn Atlanta & President, Browning Business Solutions, LLC, NetworkingGA.com

“Jason has written a highly practical guide to Linkedin that will quickly allow a new user to understand and utilize Linkedin. It’s also a great guide to the Linkedin’s hidden gems…”

David Dalka, Senior Marketing and Business Development Professional, DavidDalka.com

“LinkedIn is a very powerful tool and Jason Alba does a tremendous job of helping a new user get the most out of it.”

Carl Chapman, Founder of CEC Search, LLC executive search firm for restaurant professionals, CECSearch.com

“I would recommend [this book] to anyone who is just starting to build a LinkedIn network or for someone who has been a member for some time but is just now seeing the advantages LinkedIn provides.”

Thom Allen, IT Career Coach, MyITCareerCoach.com

“I personally did not understand the need for yet another social networking site for me to visit. But within the first 15 pages of Jason’s book, I began to understand the value of LinkedIn not only for me, but for those I have the opportunity to coach through a job search.”

Darlene McDaniel, Interview Guru, InterviewChatter.com

“If LinkedIn is a brand new car, then Jason’s book is the owner’s manual. It’s a great resource for those who want to make LinkedIn their own.”

Adam J. Kovitz, Executive Director, Relationship Networking Industry Association (RNIA), CEO, Founder & Publisher, The National Networker

“I’m on LinkedIn — Now What?? answers so many of the questions that have been posed to me by my clients about this powerful business networking tool. Many people approach social networking technology with trepidation and Jason Alba has created a “how to” guide that reminds new users that there are “no stupid questions” when it comes to learning a new technology and guides seasoned users through the more specialized uses of the application. I’m on LinkedIn, Now What? is a must read for anyone interested in creating an on-line presence, building a professional community, sourcing prospects, or reaching out to decision makers and hiring authorities.The book is a quick, easy read that will teach you how to build more strategic and effective relationships on LinkedIn in a relatively short period of time.

Barbara Safani, Career Solvers, CareerSolvers.com

Cool – I’m very flattered to get these kinds of endorsements from these people!

Want to pre-order? The eBook might ship this week, and the hard copy should ship by the end of this month! Just click here to get your own!

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