Update on Free Webinars

JibberJobber webinarsLast week I spent an hour with my coaches and another hour with my users on two free webinars. I was amazed at the excitement and participation during the webinars, and wanted to make sure you know when you can join us.

This Friday, August 17th at 2pm EST is the second private coach/resume/counselor webinar. I will e-mail the details to people on my coach list, if you should be on that call but aren’t on my list please send me an e-mail (Jason@JibberJobber.com) so I can let you know about future webinars. Last week we spent about 25 minutes on “how-to” for you and your clients and then 35 minutes on new ideas – it was very exciting!

Next Friday, August 24 at 11am EST is the second public user webinar. I’ve created a new “Page” on this blog that will have the latest information on all upcoming webinars, so feel free to refer to it for instructions and dates.

I do these webinars once a week, but don’t plan on repeating topics much. Jump in on any webinar you can. Right now I’m not recording them but will do some recordings in the future (if you want to see short, two minute tutorials you can see a bunch on the video page).

2 thoughts on “Update on Free Webinars”

  1. Can’t do your webinars when I’m at work. The company frowns upon “heavy bandwidth” personal usage. How about doing some of these things when people, even those of us on Pacific Time, can check it out.

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