Another Serendipitous Interview (and How Total Picture Affected Me In 2006)

Total Picture with Peter ClaytonLast year I had a podcast interview that changed the course of business for the year. In fact, because of that interview, and a series of events, I will soon officially announce that JibberJobber will power the career portal for the largest association in the world. More on that later. But this all started after I had an interview with Peter Clayton, owner of TotalPicture.

You can hear the first interview here: Track Your Career – JibberJobber Puts You in Control

We recently did a “wow, that was a cool year!” interview, which he just posted to his site today. Check out Get Your Act together with JibberJobber, which is a 20 minute interview where we talk about the previous year. Peter asks some questions that I think are on everyone’s mind. These interviews are fun but I think the results prove that I’ll never have the finesse to be a politician :).

I finally met Peter Clayton in person at Kennedy’s Recruiting 2007, which is a conference for recruiters. I met a ton of really cool people that are concerned about the candidate experience, and are looking for ways to enrich it and give the candidate the respect that we all thought we would get!

Anyway, after hanging out with Peter, getting to know him better and even watching him in action (he was doing interviews and taking pictures all over the place), I have a ton of respect for him. He’s still larger than life, as far as I’m concerned, and a genuinely nice guy.

Beyond being cool, Peter interviews leaders and experts in the HR space regularly. If you have any interest in HR, recruiting, job search or any related field I strongly encourage you to check out I regularly check out who he is interviewing to see who I’d like to start a relationship with (oops, did I just let my competition know about one of my networking secrets?)!

Again, here’s the link to the 20 minute interview. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Another Serendipitous Interview (and How Total Picture Affected Me In 2006)”

  1. Jason
    I listened to your 20 radio interview! I was great! You might want to edit parts of the interview and put them on a your web site as a short introduction to Jibber Jobber!

    By the way after all this time knowing you, I find out that a jib is a stearing tool. So Jibber is a stearing tool for your life time in the carrer market!

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