Updated Features – Little Things

Hey folks, a quick post to let you know about a few things we enhanced. Nothing huge here but it all goes towards the “polish JibberJobber and make it a better experience for you” mission that we’re on. Here’s a run-down:

On the list panel and detail pages you’ll see a new icon for “Google.” If you click on that icon you will automatically launch a Google search. For example, if you are on a company page (American Express) and click on that icon you’ll open a new search on American Express. If you are on a contact page (William Arruda) you’ll open a new search for William Arruda. Super simple yet functional 🙂 Hat-tip to Jobster for the cool idea.

Google Icon on the list panelGoogle icon on the detail page

On the Interview Preparation area, we added some icons to add, edit and delete for better navigation. This was clunky before but now a lot easier to use. When you click on View for anything in Interview Prep you’ll see these icons and can manage your data easier.

Interview Prep - New icons on view page for better navigation

On the Add a Contact to my Network page, the initial contact date now has a link “today” next to it. If you click that link it will fill the box with today’s date. This will save a few clicks.

Put today's date in with one click

On the main page, while logged out, you can see the titles of the last three blog posts. No big deal but believe it or not, many JibberJobber users still don’t know I have a blog :p

see recent blog posts

On any of the detail pages (for contacts, companies or jobs), in the log area, some of the data had funky alignment. No big deal but it’s bugged me for a long time so I requested a change. Now it looks so much better and I’m glad we did it. Specifically, we moved the dates and action item icons from middle aligned to top aligned… looks more crisp 🙂

realigned log entry data

When premium users imported a csv file to import new uses, and didn’t put “https://” in front of the URL, it actually wouldn’t make it a hyperlink. We fixed this annoying bug.

This URL didn't work :(

There was an opportunity to make a change to the security in the database. While it was fine we learned about some recommended enhancements – you should not see any change but I wanted to let you know that we do take security very seriously and are constantly keeping our eyes open for ways to improve our infrastructure.

security enhancement

That’s about it. After we finish a big project (hopefully this week) we are going to work on improving the importing for large files (if you have thousands of records to import it takes longer than it should), and developing a duplicate/merge function.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Thanks for updating everyone on enhancements…I was in my account today and noticed some very cool features for pro-active career management…maybe it would useful to dedicate a few posts each month to such enhancements, how they are used….etc?

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