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I’d like to announce two job boards that have taken the first steps to integrate the JibberJobber experience into their job search experience. This is just the first step, we are expecting to have a really robust (but simple to install) API (that means that the two systems will talk to eachother with no effort on your part) later this year to make this as functional as it should be.

I’m really excited about this because it is a really important step in improving your overall experience as you use various tools at your disposal. One of the coolest things about JibberJobber (in my oh-so-humble opinion ;)) is that it is non-proprietary – that means, no matter what job boards you use, or where you get the information from (even an offline network meeting), you can come back into JibberJobber to store the information!

So here’s what Phase I of this new feature looks like.

Just Posted LogoIf you do a job search on Just-Posted.com, at the bottom of each result, you’ll see an “Add to JibberJobber” icon.

Just Posted and JibberJobber

Also, if you do a job search on Insourced.com, right below the title of each result, you’ll see an “+ JibberJobber” icon.

Insourced and JibberJobber

Just Posted job relevanceBoth of these job sites have unique features that are worth checking out. Just-Posted has a relevancy algorithm that helps narrow results to relevant results. Note they also have the RSS icon so you can save the RSS feed into JibberJobber and then, with one-click, save the job in JibberJobber.

Insourced LogoInsourced has a number of interesting features … here is a run-down in their own words:

1) Crawled jobs come directly from employer web sites, recruiter/staffing firm web sites and, in some instances, third party providers of employer job search. On the latter, we’ve chosen to NOT crawl any true job boards or job search engines/aggregators. There will be nothing from Monster, CareerBuilder, JobCentral, etc. In fact, we make a point to note this. When we do crawl a site that is not specifically the web site of the employer or staffing agency (i.e. – the entity with hiring authority), it’s because the employer(s) themselves don’t have their own job boards and rely on the third party application. We’ve also chosen to crawl government job sites at the federal, state and municipal levels.

2) We’re both crawling jobs and allowing users to post jobs for free after creating an account. Employers can also upload jobs in bulk by using our proprietary XML format. In this manner, employers with hundreds or even thousands (or hundreds of thousands, for that matter) jobs can enter them all and have them updated regularly.

3) Registered users can “vote” on jobs. Monster.com and CareerBuilder (and others) have come under fire for the number of work from home “opportunities” they house, as well as for other suspect jobs. If one of those slips by our filters, users can vote down the job using our “inThing” voting mechanism. Currently, results are filtered by a relevance/date combination. In the future, this will be purely a relevance filter, but the “inThing Rating” is always an option for those searching, so that they can see the top-rated jobs. Of course, as they’re searching by relevance, any jobs that have been voted down will have a negative number next to them.

4) Job seekers can do a variety of things after searching, including salary research (courtesy of Payscale.com), save jobs, save searches, view rss feeds, use Google maps to locate jobs (currently a bit of an issue in IE) and, of course, add information to their JibberJobber accounts.

When I was in my job search I tracked jobs from seven different job boards. It was a pain (for various reason), and it seems to me that the features from Just-Posted and Insourced are cool, even in the midst of the 40,000+ job boards out there.

Go check them out… it is very cool to have this simple integration on their sites and we’re really excited about what Phase II will be!

(and, if you are looking for more good reading in the employment space I recommend the Insourced blog)

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  1. Thanks for the nod Jason! We look forward to working with you and Jibber Jobber, and hope to send some job seekers in your direction so they can find out how to neatly organize their job search, err…I mean career management.

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