Happy Birthday to JibberJobber.com (!!!)

First Birthday!It’s May 15th and that can mean only one thing here at JibberJobber headquarters: chocolate birthday cake!

Quick update (at 12:40 pm MST): this is the birthday of JibberJobber.com, the program. This blog (which is something different) is still less than a year old and we’ll have all kinds of celebrations for it next month 🙂 🙂

That’s right, the first year has come and gone and we are inching our way away from being a “startup.” This last year has been amazing – it has been stressful but the stress was so different than the stress that I had at my last job. It was full of many, many ups, a few downs and lots of relationship building. Here’s a short post from my buddy Devin Thorpe (the content is from an e-mail that I sent out yesterday – it has some the past year’s accomplishments).

Chocolate cake - yeehaw!You might be interested in reading the JibberJobber birthday interview by Jacob Share of JobMob (and, if you have a few minutes go vote for his blog – it’s an excellent blog) – each interview is different in its own way and this one has a lot of questions that I haven’t been asked before.

There have also been well-wishes from some of my favorite friends, and those that have had a significant impact on this journey, including CM Russel from Secrets of the Job Hunt, Dan Johnson from Get That Job!, Matthew Reinbold with Growing Software with (Vox) Pop!, David Sandusky of Your Brand Plan, Scot Herrick of Cube Rules, Krystyna Mazur of Krys of Europe (and Positive Thinking)… that’s all I’m seeing for now (sorry if I missed someone).

And, if you haven’t had enough, here are some cool e-mails that I got yesterday (I’m not posting all of the high-five and congrats e-mails but certainly appreciate all of the support and well-wishing!):

Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This is very exciting….to realize how that one little idea has blossomed into a system that has benefitted thousands of lives. Imagine the loss to the world if you had dismissed that little idea, like so many of us do every day, without any action. Faith leads to action. If there is no action then it never was never. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work and for sticking to it even when you really wanted to throw in the towel. And best wishes on year #2.

VP Marketing

and from the Chief Encouragement Officer himself:

As a virtual friend, I want to say this to you: No matter how easy it
may seem to get to this point, what you have done in the past year is
virtually impossible for 99% of the rest of Internet users. I hope
you really appreciate and ENJOY what you’ve accomplished, thus far.
Your work is a model of what the rest of us should be doing…

Vincent Wright
Chief Encouragement Officer
www.MyVirtualPowerForum.com |
www.MyLinkedinPowerForum.com |
“Encouraging Networking”

Okay, this is way too much self-indulgence, even for me. Thanks to everyone that’s been a cheerleader or supporter this past year – you know who you are – you may not know how you influenced me but I’ll tell you, it was significant!

Happy birthday JibberJobber!

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to JibberJobber.com (!!!)”

  1. Jason-

    Congratulations. wow, you have done a lot in one year. You are a great example of someone who knows how to network in a digital world (many think they know how, but you live it). You have made many new friends around the country this year. Good job. Keep it going.

    Hey, send some cake to your friends in Austin, Texas!


  2. Happy Anniversary to JibberJobber. What a great year you’ve had. Keep up the good work. -Carl

    PS – sorry I wasn’t first, but I jsut finished a 1.5 hour conference call. 🙁

  3. thanks to everyone for their happy wishes and kudos. It really is easier to press forward wth such a great support team (of course I’m talking about my team that does the behind the scenes work, but also each of you that send encouragement my way) behind me. Also, thanks to Carolynn for the amazing post she wrote yesterday morning – it was very meaningful.

  4. Hey Jason! Congratulations! Sorry I missed the birthday cake a couple of days ago. I just stumbled on the news and wanted to get over here and wish you much success in year two!!

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