Work-Life Balance For Health And Sanity

Work Life Balance - photo credits’ve been working pretty hard since I got laid off last year (over 15 months) and haven’t really taken a “vacation.” And for the three years before that, because of my roles and responsibilities I hadn’t taken my vacation time (I thought I was rolling it over, but when I got laid off they informed me that since I didn’t use it, I lost it).

It was interesting to meet with Dave Perry this week at Kennedy’s Recruiting 2007 conference in Las Vegas where we talked a little about running hard. He said that he is enforcing a personal policy of taking regular vacations.

Man that sounded good! Especially now, as I write this post – I am running on 3 hours of sleep (very early flight to Chicago) and not much food – I’m very tired, physically and mentally!

This summer I’m going to force myself to take two vacations – one campout and one something else (haven’t figured it out yet). But I think it’s healthy – for you (as my reader or JibberJobber user), for me, for my wife and kids, etc. I just can’t run and run and run.

I know it’s hard to slow down, or do something different. But I hope that you too can make sure that you get the proper balance of things – for you and those around you. I don’t think I’ve ever brought bible scripture into my blog but this is one of my favorites, and it is a good starting-point for figuring out what your balance could/should be:

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

Luke 2:52

This shows four areas to consider for having a balanced life:

  • wisdom – knowledge, mental, etc.
  • stature – physical fitness, health
  • favour with God – spirituality
  • favour with man – social skills

This scripture has had a profound effect on my life for a long time – not that I’m good at balance but it gives me a starting point to think about with. Hopefully it’s good food for thought for you, too!

7 thoughts on “Work-Life Balance For Health And Sanity”

  1. My wife and I attend a young adult group focused on establishing a life/work balance. I think it is also important to note the first word in the phrase “life/work balance.” That enough should illustrate where our emphasis should lie.

  2. Laura – Great post, I’m going to go over that again when I go on vacation next!

    David – Thank you… it’s funny how this one little verse is so powerful.

    Brandon – that’s excellent! I don’t think I have ever heard “Life/Work” before, but it’s true!

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