Exciting News: Career Management Toolbox

Career toolbox, or job seekers toolkitLast year in the heat of my job search one of my biggest frustrations was the resources available to me. While there are billions of articles and job boards, I still found myself using my own homemade spreadsheet to manage my job search.

There were a few sites that claimed to have a job seekers toolbox, or toolkit, or job search resources, but they were either too empty (no value to me) or too full (it would take a year to sift through the stuff to find the gems).

I have been working on accumulating resources for career management (not just job search). Of course the first thing on the list is a personal relationship manager, and JibberJobber is my recommended tool ;).

But there is a lot more, based on what I’ve learned over the last year as well as recommendations from my expert network. I have been working on putting it all together and my only hope is that it provides value to you, in your own career management. I’m really excited about this toolbox – if you have any suggestions on what should be included please let me know. It will evolve over time.

Special thanks to the experts that have already weighed in on this cool project:

Brad AttigMy Retail Career

Mike BallardTurning Points

Deb DibThe CEO Coach

Makani Harvey – Career Abundance

Wendy TerwelpOpportunity Knocks

Barbara SafaniCareer Solvers

(sorry if you contributed and I missed you, I just went through the e-mails that I filed)

You should see the first version of this toolbox next week… so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Exciting News: Career Management Toolbox”

  1. Hey! I’m pretty sure that “Toolbox” in a job-search context is a registered trademark of FRACAT (free resume and CAREER TOOLBOX)!

    It’s not? Are you sure?

    Well, it ought to be!

    Seriously, though, you keep doing some pretty cool stuff. Keep it up!


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