Two New Goodies For You

I have very few big goals. One of them is to make JibberJobber as easy to use and functional for you. Its all about you. Career management is a pain (although networking is pretty fun, once you get the hang of it!) without having to learn use clunky software. And JibberJobber strives to not be clunky software! Here are two awesome new things that you want to know about:

Save and Add Log Entry - introduced this week!The first goodie is one of the most requested features of the year – the ability to create a log entry right after you save a new network contact (or target company, or job posting). Well, now you can! Right below the save button there is a checkbox that says … when you check this box and hit save, it will open the new record and allow you to create a log entry.

Useful? Big time. Let me differentiate “notes” from a log entry… when I create a new contact I’ll make a note like this:

Jan is certified in x, y and z. I found out about her business from the First Friday event that I went to and we chatted for about an hour after the meeting. She thinks there are some great synergies between me and about 4 companies she is working it.

That is general information that is “timeless” (that is – information that I want to see each time I open her detail page). Now, I also need to call her and schedule a lunch, which I’ll do in a log entry:

Call Jan on Tuesday and see if we can meet Wednesday or Friday for lunch.

This is a specific, dated thing, and I need to create an action item with it … so instead of putting it in the notes I’ll use the log entry.

The second goodie is so cool I had to make a video! I heard about it at lunch from a guy that has been using JibberJobber for about a week but he has quickly turned into a power user. He said “I LOVE Anagram! I go into Outlook and drag my contacts into the Anagram box!”

I didn’t know that was possible. I came right home and tried it out and it worked (in Internet Exporer and Firefox!)… it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen on a website – and I’ve been doing this type of stuff for 10 years! Thanks Mike for the tip, and here is the 54 second video:

The quickest way to add a contact from Microsoft Outlook

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