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The National Networker provides free newsletters to over 15,000 subscribers that are interested in various aspects of networking. I really like how they have divided up the interests between local and topical subjects.

The local networking articles are written by Bureau Chiefs, covering various regions of the U.S. (and one chief for Canada).

The topical articles cover the following topics: Career Transition, Entrepreneurial, Politics, Sales & Marketing, Minority-Based Networking, Financial Services, Women’s Networking, Legal, Social Networking, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Real Estate, Health & Wellness and Network Marketing.

In addition there are big-name “contributing writers” that are major players in networking or sales success and training.

It is an honor to be the Career Transition Editor – and I’m proud to announce my first article (I personally think its REALLY cool): How To Be Visible – Virtually.

I hope you enjoy this article, and I encourage you to read through some of the other articles sent out this week (you can find them on the front page of TheNationalNetworker). Also, note on the top right there is a “Subscribe Today” button where you can subscribe and get the newsletter in your e-mail. Of course, I encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter 😉

Here are links to the blogs that I found of the other writers:

TheNationalNetworker Blog

Jane Greer – All in favor of TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION, jump! – one of the cleverist bits of writing I’ve seen. I love reading Jane’s stuff – its witty, very smart and refreshing.

Lori Richardson – Sales Coach on AllBusiness.com

Mark Sturgell – Intersection of Purpose and Now

Zale Tabakman (Canada) – Create Sales Success From Your Marketing Efforts – Today!

Matthew Best (Politics) – writes at Courage of Conviction

Maria Elena Duron (Minority-Based NetWorking) – The Buzz 101 – Attraction Brand© Coach- “where connecting gets personal”

Nancy Laine (Social Networking) – Powerful Intentions – the Law of Attraction community

8 thoughts on “I’m The New Career Transition Editor For…”

  1. Hi Jason,

    Welcome to our party!

    I like your first article. Its a great approach to marketing ones self.

    I want to stress the power of LinkedIn for the job hunter.

    It puts your resume out in front of a ton of people each and everyday.
    By careful crafting of your LinkedIn profile – you can set the perception.

    LinkedIn Answers is another way of doing. Take your time answering questions online as well as you woild in person.

    Take Care


  2. Now how did I get beat to the punch? I’m supposed to be first… Guess I’ll ahve to put my work off indefinately to make sure that I read and comment to you the instant you make a post. 😉

    Great for you, I’ll get some reading done during lunch. -Carl

  3. Congratulations, Jason!

    This looks like another great resource you’ve introduced to all of your JibberJobbers. I’ll have to read it (and all the new links) tomorrow. I like the concept – virtual visibility.

  4. Thanks Zale, Carl Mick and Francie for the encouragement 🙂 One thing I recommend is to find the topics you are interested in, and the locations you are interested in, and start there – there are so many articles to read! But they are archived on the site so you can sift through back copies. If you have any suggestions on future articles just let me know.

  5. Jason,

    Well done and a great article. We’ll be expecting more though. I like virtual visibility. I called it a binary footprint a while back in my blog, I might have to rethink my terminology or just use yours.



  6. Jason –

    It’s great to have you on board. Welcome to the team and we hope to read many great articles from you!

    For the rest of you reading this…I asked Jason to become our Career Transistion Editor because to be successful you surround yourself with the best. It’s solid networking advice.

    – Adam

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