Why I’m Not a Professional Writer

Patricia Kitchen - NewsdayTonight I was reminded of why I am not a professional writer – just compare my stuff to this article!

Patricia Kitchen of Newsday interviewed me this past week and just today put up an article titled Position Yourself Online For Success. This article is more complete and offers more concrete evidence of the need to, and power of, personal branding than I have yet imagined. I strongly suggest you take the 5-10 minutes to read it, and then go back and use the examples to learn more about what people are doing right.

I know that blogging for your personal brand is intimidating – my first reaction when presented with the idea was “I have nothing to say” and “I don’t have the time.” I’m sure you have your own excuses. And I realize that it might not be the right answer for you, or the timing just isn’t right. But don’t discount it, if anything, just delay it until you are ready.

Honestly, I’m not just posting this because I’m quoted in the article 😉 – this really is an excellent piece that merits your attention. Thanks, Patricia, for bringing this to a new level in the press!

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not a Professional Writer”

  1. I love the idea of online presences, really I do. But there are some legal issues job seekers absolutely MUST be aware of. Before putting performance review or reference quotes online you must make sure your have permission from the person bestowing your good graces and from the company. The same goes for posting work products or projects completed. The last thing a job seeker needs is a lawsuit!

  2. Hi Susan – long time since Steven’s “Ask the Experts” days.

    I think what you might want to add to not create unwarranted fear in personal branders and job seekers is the concept of a Non Disclosure (NDA) and/or Employment Agreement (EA). Some projects are secret in nature (although I’ve never heard of people not being able to offer information about themselves from their performance reviews) and how you write about them may (and this is very a big assumption) cause an elevated level of consternation by your employer. Incidentally, I take no issues with checking with references before posting them online (recruiters like me LOVE seeing your references – they make very good candidates). If you don’t have a NDA or EA, check your employee handbook for policies that speak to public communication.

    Susan – if you can post the specific Federal or state statutes that discuss this, it would really help job seekers and personal branders. Thanks.

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